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    Originally posted by doctorew:
    CS called me this afternoon and told me that they are putting the part in the mail today. Apparently they got them in faster than they thought they would.
    Can we assume that you are EXTREMELY happy about that.
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      Not sure about EXTREMELY happy... But happy.

      I would be EXTREMELY happy if my 3 week old saw didn't need a new part. =) I'll let you know how happy I am when it shows up. =)


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        Finally got around to putting my replacement arbor on today. Flipped it over on a couple of saw horses and went to it.

        Went real smooth. Took me longer to find my snap ring pliers than it did to change it out. I had put them in one of those places you put things so you can find them later. My wife just laughs at me me I do things like that. I'm sure some of you can identify with that.

        Only problem I ran into was when I went to put the blade back on, the threads at the nut end were just a little oversize. Took a file, and at 3400 rpm it didn't take long to dress the threads down to proper size.

        Prior to installing the blade, checked arbor flange runout, and it was a flat .000. This was the same as my old arbor. When I checked the blade alignment it was .001. Good enough for a fat boy like me.

        I think the reason things went so smooth is because of all the great posts you guys made on this. When I started I felt like I had already done this before from reading prior posts.

        I truly love this saw, and am happy with how Ridgid handled the replacement arbors.

        I'm Happy Camper!! As my wife reminds me, it's a fine line between happy and simple!



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          Just ordered my replacement arbor.
          5 to 8 working days now they're saying.

          Didn't ask for whole arbor *assembly* (saw that mentioned after I got off the phone) so will likely get just the arbor itself.

          How essential is it to have snap ring pliers.


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            Maineman: I have enough arthritis in my hands that I don't think I could have got the snap ring off without them. However, your hands may work a little better than mine.

            You can pick them up at most auto supply stores for under $10.00.

            Good luck, mine went real smooth.



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              Originally posted by maineman:
              Just ordered my replacement arbor.
              5 to 8 working days now they're saying.
              Just remember, Ridgid CS only works 1 day per month, so you should have your new arbor in 5 to 8 months! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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                believe it or not! I had my replacement arbor in less than 24 hours. I was completely shocked when Purolator pulled up my driveway this morning.


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                  arbor's here.

                  stopped in looking for the "arbor-only" removal and install tips again.

                  plan is to go with your rolling her over approach.

                  Oh and,
                  still grinning tail off at "fine line between happpy and simple."

                  be well


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                    Nudging thread to top and to ask:


                    Good one. Of course, truth probably is CS was put on that schedule after HD/Ridgid learned they had a $1,300,000 problem. (Figure (guessing) 1800 stores, times 15 saws/store, times ($.50 per unit for actual overseas machining + $43.76 per unit (for actual US mfg estimates (emergency production queue premium) for write-off purposes (to cover shipping and vacations bonuses) + $3.00 per unit for CS processing overhead (meaning $0.75 for the actual CS person + $2.25 for a new sound system and free Cokes up at Purchasing Department and 5 Hawaiian bonus trip loteries for Engineering and Sales to foam over) + $50,000 tribute to keep the HD board members sedated with long enough to keep Grizzly out of the picture.)

                    I think the reason we don't see any actual instructions being posted here is because they actually made money off this in the tax code someplace.

                    The poor CS grunts in South Carolina are the heros in all of this.

                    I'd just like to ask everyone to be patient with those people because overall the 3650 is product they probably can't afford to buy themselves. Plus their jobs could be zapped tomorrow if HD/Ridgid suit geniuses decides to get the CS stuff done same place they get their plywood.

                    Please, Anyone, I'm losing it.

                    Does anybody know if Ridgid Technical Support was issued instructions to send to the Service Centers.

                    If they didn't budget for on site replacement visits by a Service Tech on this issue, then failing to send out instructions with the arbors just isn't right. What can it take to do up a simple tech sheet on key points like how to get the snap ring off.

                    Ha. Incidentally. HD's only snap rings are both $20.00 whereas you can get a set of 3 at VIP for $10.00. Let's see now.... that's $10.00 times 1800 stores times ......



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                      To much coffee this morning? I love it!!!!


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                        Glad you got your arbor fast, scb.
                        threefinger: thanks for the consolation, yeah none of that girly decaf slosh for moi, just yet.

                        And on a more serious note, my rant this day was because I am back to square one. Yes I got the replacement arbor. 6 weeks ago. Took it out to the saw. Lined up new arbor along side the end of OEM flawed arbor. Same length from flange.

                        I'm torqued because some goof on here said the Freud Super 8" set would fit on corrected arbors.

                        So I call CS day after I got first replacement. Had nice (supposedly technical (not CS) dept.) gal in SC take a ruler to an arbor supposedly corrected so as to accomodate any good quality stacked dado set. All of it. Talking some volume rabbetting to be done.

                        So the tech gal apparently strokes me and claims she is getting 1/8" more arbor length from face of arbor flange. I ask her. Are you measuring from the flange inside recess or from the true face of the flange (the perimeter rim). We measure it both ways. She still says it's 1/8" longer than the one they sent to me.

                        Yes. the groove near shoulder was fine. But I wanted the danged length fixed. Nobody on this site, not even the mutual admiration society who got the groove fixed, ever even addressed the length issue.

                        So I say fine, happy happy. Send the one you have and glad to return the first replacement to get the longer one.

                        It was a total stroke job.

                        2nd replacement arrived today. I open the box and inside was a hand printed note saying arbor I got and the one in the new box are the same length.

                        Now my question to all the guys telling themselves what a triumph they earned for us on the groove issue is whether or not they got the stones to push for a longer arbor.

                        I mean good kreepers, how long have dado mfgr's been making sets that go up to 13/16's annnnnnnnnnnd to accomodate a safe nut-to-thread engagement.

                        Hell yeah it's a great saw. What really doesn't sit well with me is that higher ups who dropped the ball (QC - purchasing issue) in the first place, now force these poor kids in SC, not to mention us, to suffer the humiliation of their mistake.

                        And it will be humiliating, I'm sorry, the minute gramps asks why the spare chipper is still in the Freud case even as I got a few hundred 2" wide rabbetts in front of me to cut.


                        Hey, threefinger. I could sure use a new QC or engineering joke if you got any.


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                          Do you know why engineers have a flat farhead and a round mouth?
                          A open palm slap to the head while saying " I said that".
                          I got in touch with a local machine shop after reading your concerns. I am going to drop off the bad arbor and find out why they got it wrong the first time and a price for one about .25" longer.
                          If anyone is interested in a longer arbor let me know. I'm sure they will be cheaper by the dozen.


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                            We're on the same wavelength here.

                            I called CS this morning and asked for Larry Snyder. CS's Gary said Snyder took rest of week to attend memorial services. Left my name and email to have someone get back to me who might be able to give thumbs up or down on having longer arbors made. In limited number for those who need them.

                            Told Gary to tell them I'd throw down as much as $50 to have one made up. Probably too generous of me but I do love the saw otherwise. Plus I've been welding up really cool (IMHO) extension designs for removable outfeed and router supports.

                            I'm thinking 1/4" as well and you're right about "cheaper by the dozen".

                            Gary said he did suspect the originals were made overseas. We all deduce that much.

                            Thing would be though that they (HD and Ridgid and Emerson, TWI or whatever parent is called) would have immediate concerns if they did not have "quality" (yeahright) control over any new arbor supplier and the grade of steel, for instance.

                            I'm interested in hell in whatever you can find out, independently. My only concern would be that I need the warranty in case the motor got tired of spinning this Freud, y'know.

                            I've got motor wired for 220, however it's obviously the torgue, and stress on bearings that I'd expect to be covered by the lifetime.


                            As it is, with the new (shorty) arbor, guess I will try swapping that in today. I am nervous about a slight scratch on the bearing surface. Almost looks like they had the kicking around on someone's desk or that it was sent out and returned, then sent back out to me.


                            And a note to anyone reading along: My comments and feelings on this arbor LENGTH issue will only pertain to anyone planning to use a 29/32 max width dado set. I happen to have a lot of rabbeting ahead of me. Which is only reason this issue is a potential embarassment in a production - employee type situation.

                            Sorry to anyone who just thinks its bashing.


                            Otherwise, hands down The 3650 is/was the best value available. Just too bad the guys here who got the recess issue going, accepted on face that it was by design they ended up with the 13/16" max width arbor exposure.

                            If it was, then seems to me the design would have allowed for the washer to go on there too.

                            Thanks, threefinger.

                            For the joke too. BTW, can you remember one about 12 engineers and 12 mathematicians or something trying to outsmart each other for free train fare?


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                              I wish I saw this forum just 24 hours ago. I thought I did enough research but now I see there's a big issue with dado's and the arbor for the TS3650. Why didn't one of the three different HD salesmen bring this up in many visits in the past few months? I could have checked this out at the store before renting a van and hauling the 300 or so pounds to my front hallway where the box now sits. I finally have my own house and I'm building the kind of workshop I've wanted for the past 10 years while living in appartments in Toronto. Rigid's taken a short-term view on this issue: When a guy like me shells out close to $1000 bucks Canadian($799 plus 15% tax)for a table saw a company like Rigid should have the foresight to expect I may be in the market for more tools.
                              I greatly appreciate all of the information on this forum.


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                                Take a deep breath. Have you checked your saw's arbor yet? Look at this link.

                                PROBLEM ARBOR (scroll up a bit to see the picture)

                                If your arbor look like this, you have three choices.
                                1. Take the saw back and try to get one that doesn't have it.
                                2. Call Ridgid customer service and tell them you have the problem arbor on your saw that has the indentation at the base of the threads. Then take the main part of the saw (not the entire saw), to a Ridgid service centre and they will change the arbor for you.
                                3. Tell Ridgid you want the replacement arbor sent to you and you swap the arbor yourself with the instructions and moral support from this link...ARBOR REPLACEMENT (Pages 3 & 4 have two different ways of changing the arbor).

                                If your arbor does not look like the one in the picture, you don't have an issue. Assemble your saw and enjoy.

                                As to the "issue" raised in this particular post, there is no issue. Click here for more detail... ARBOR LENGHT EXPLANATION (Second to last post from smashp