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  • TS3650 Arbor

    I spoke with Ridgid today about getting a new arbor. They mentioned that if I replaced it myself it may void my warranty.....did they tell anyone else this?

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    People have been getting mixed responses from Ridgid on this issue, when I called I was not told anything about a warenty issue, but Larry did day they recommend that a service center perform the replacement. I told him I was more than capable of performing the work yself and was not going to incur the added inconvenience of having to load the saw in the truck, and cart if off to some place 60 or more miles away and then wait a couple weeks for the work to be completed, then go back and drag the SOB home.

    If they had told me that I the repair could only be done at a service center (even if free) -AND- my saw was still within the 90 day return period, I would dump that POS off on HD's doorstep faster than you could say Ridgid CS sucks! I'd be getting my money back and buying a Delta, Griz, General, or maybe the new Craftsman 22124 saw.

    My saw is not within the 90 return or even the first year warranty period (bought it on 12/27/03), so guess I would be SOL on returning it but I would sell it and move on to a better saw that is for sure, and would never buy Ridgid again.


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      The answer depends on who you talk to, but the higher-ups have assured me that it will not void the warrantee ( they classified it as an upgrade ). What they did say is that any damage incurred while attempting the fix would not be covered, thats all.



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        I am EXTREMELY upset about this arbor issue. I looked around for a saw for a long time and decided on the Ridgid for multiple reasons. To now find out that dados are going to be a problem really chaps my hide. Your average schmoe does not read forums on the internet and has no other way of finding out about this problem or that there is a fix. That is LAME.

        I have tried to send an email to ridgid multiple times this evening about this but since they are apparently using a Microshaft Webserver it is obviously not working right. Tried from two different OSs and three different brands of web browsers.

        All I know is that if I get the run-around on the phone tomorrow I am going to be a very unhappy camper. To even suggest that a customer lug a 300lbs piece of iron to a service center to fix a problem that they knew about but shipped anyway is rediculous.

        How hard is it to replace the part yourself?


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          I have this saw. How do you know if your saw has this problem? I got mine about a year ago.


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            Review the discussion named "TS3650 arbor problem with dado sets" for information and pictures.


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              To tell if you have the problem is pretty easy. Take the blade off and look at the gap that is between the threads and the shoulder on the arbor. The problem is that the shoulder is only wide enough to take one blade. When you put a second blade on it falls into the gap and that is where the problem is.

              I just called to order my arbor and they did not give me much of a hassle. She just said that she would send it to me but they would prefer I take it in somewhere and get it done. Um... NO. I am not hauling a 300lbs piece of Iron around the dang state.

              Here is the real kicker.... There is a 20 day waiting list!!!!! What is with that? They know this is a problem on all the TS3650s and they don't make enough to cover the ones out there? This is just stupid. This is a prime example of bean counters running a business. They are trying to play the odds that most people will not either use a dado or figure out the problem. That is just weak.

              I appreciate that they are going to send the part. I am a little torqued that I have to wait 20+ days to get the dang thing though. It just doesn't seem right.

              I was thining about buying Ridgid's stationary drill press as well but now I am not so sure. What other mystery things are going on with their other tools that they are not making known to their customers?

              My $0.02... They should be sending notices to people that already own the TS3650, and have registered them, on how to get the replacement. I saw a thread where someone was talking about using JB Weld on the arbor to bypass this problem. I wonder how many machines are out there running like this right now because they have not seen these forums.

              They should have made enough to cover the demand that was going to pop up on this. You know they monitor these boards so it should not have been such a surprise that they were going to get a run on the part.


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                Hey, thanks! I'll go check my saw tonight. I've not used a dado blade, not sure when I will, but if I ever do, I'd be unhappy about this just like everyone else.


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                  Does anyone know what is the relationship between RIDGID and RYOBI, I just got my arbor and the box shows RYOBI as the sender. Are they using the arbor from the RYOBI table saws to replace the RIDGID saws?


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                    There is no business relationship between Ryobi and RIDGID. Ryobi, RIDGID and many other companies parts do come from the same parts distribution center.
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                      Hey doctorew
                      This problem started a while back, had you been on board in the beginning you may not have been on a 20 day waiting list,me and a few other valuable members from this forum pressured Ridgid for the fix and received our new arbors in just a few days, now they are waiting for more shipments of the arbors, and if you install it yourself nothing will get voided they consider it an upgrade, so just give them time, they will get it to you, do you know if your saw even has the problem?
                      Just my opinion


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                        I just bought the saw on the 8th of January.

                        I took the blade off and checked the arbor... I do have the problem that has been indicated. If I didn't I wouldn't have even bothered ordering a new arbor.

                        I hear what you are saying Keith... I just wish Ridgid would own up to the problem a little more publicly. I know I am going to get mine fixed. But what about some other poor smuck that is not going to realize he has a problem until he goes to use a dado since he does not look at these forums? Or... The poor guy (or girl) that buys a new one from HD in two months and it still has this problem.

                        I work in Customer Support for a Computer Company so I do know that recalls and whatnot are easier said than done. And I will admit that Ridgid was pretty cool about the whole thing when I called in. Just seems like it could have been handled a little better as a company. For the most part I can go the "I got mine" route. The only ones really getting hurt here is Ridgid. I have seen more than one post about people not wanting to go back to Ridgid for new equipment because of things like this. I am one of those people as well. To be competative in the marketplace you need to be better than everyone else... Not be just like everyone else. I chose Ridgid over craftsman because the last few Craftsman tools that i bought were unimpressive and the quality was lacking in my opinion.

                        Sales gets people in the door. Service keeps them there. Part of Service is the ability to proactivly keep your product running at it's peak and to inform your customers on how to do that. In my opinion (for what that is worth) Ridgid is currently dropping the ball on this portion of service since they are only acknowledging the problem to people that call in.

                        I'll shutup now. =)

                        Seriously... Love the saw. One of the more sturdy ones that I have seen out there for the price.

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                          I posted what Daveferg drew up in the topic you started, when i repaced mine, I did it from my mechanical abilities and looked at what Daveferg wrote, it will help you to do it step by step, and as i said i have had long conversations with ridgid about this problem- it will not void you warrenty, they consider it an upgrade, I know its a pain in the *** but we have ridgid working with us now instead of against us, any problems you can e-mail me at

                          Good luck to ya
                          Just my opinion


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                            So, here's a twist. I received my new arbor. It's no different from what I already have. The threads stop shy of the shoulder and there's a void. I think I'll just wait a bit and try again. Don't actually need it at the moment. but it gives one pause to consider they were/are sending out the wrong units.


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                              CS called me this afternoon and told me that they are putting the part in the mail today. Apparently they got them in faster than they thought they would.