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    Jake (& others),

    On the Popular Woodworking E-News that just came out they talked about three new tool ideas they'd like to see someone manufacture. Two of the three I would love to see Ridgid consider and possibly take the lead on:

    #2 This isn't exactly brand new, but we think it's worth stealing. European woodworkers have been using combination jointer/planers for years. The benefits? How about a 12" planer and 12" jointer in a reasonably small amount of shop space. Downside? There are shorter beds on the jointer than on a stand-alone unit, but I might be willing to put up with that inconvenience if one of the importing manufacturers could get the price below $1,000. We know this one is possible. At the Hardware Show in Chicago last year we visited with a small Canadian importer who had a prototype of this machine made in the far East. They thought it could be sold on the market for $800. Hey Grizzly? Bridgewood? Any takers?

    #3 Finally, here's the one that we think is a home run: a 13" portable finishing sander. Here's the concept: It looks like a benchtop planer with a universal motor (perhaps with variable speed), but instead of a cutterhead, you have a drum sanding head. Make it so the sandpaper is in slip-on sleeves and can be changed fairly easily and quickly. That way you can easily move up in grits, so having only one drum isn't a problem. This one would appeal to woodworkers of course, but it also would be snatched up by any trim carpenter who does a quality job. No more trim in new houses with planer marks all over it. And what home shop wouldn't benefit from an affordable sander?

    Waddaya think?

    Think Highly, Feel Deeply , Speak Plainly
    Think Highly, Feel Deeply , Speak Plainly

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    I saw that same wish list. The thickness sander is a neat idea, but one of the problems is that the drum would have to be too small and would heat up very quickly. Also I think if you were buy a sander for panels, you'd want one that was open so you could do 30" panels



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      Thanks for the reply.
      What you say makes sense to me..... that's why you are on that end of the email and not me! Still, if there was a way for manufacturing that type of sander, it would be high on my list.

      Think Highly, Feel Deeply , Speak Plainly


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        Ridgid wood shaper, Ridgid mulit-purope machines like table saw, jointer,planer,band saw. All runing off of one motor.
        Andy B.