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  • where to buy lumber

    I'm from the Boston area, and until now, was happy buying my lumber from HD. Went there to pick up some maple, and if I was making propellers, my selection would have been vast. Am tired of having to deal with them.

    Can anyone advise me as to where I can go to pick up lumber. Am also wanting to start working with exotics, wood that is not carried by HD.
    Please help


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    After years of suffering with hd, their lumber and lack of service, I went to Lowes. Lumber quality is better, less of it is damaged and the service has been good.


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      I will try lowes. Hopefully their lumber will be in better shape. They do not sell cherry or walnut though. Any idea where I can purchase any of that?



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        Look under "Hardwoods" in the yellow pages. You should find several dealers in your area. If you want some really exotic stuff, try this link that I recently discovered.
        Some really fine stuff there.


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          Check Here:



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            Try these urls too:



            Also check Woodcraft shop in your area. They also carry fine haardwoods. You can browse and purchase.


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              Try to find a store that sells lumber S3S (Surfaced 3 Sides). That should be a good barometer for value. I have found that wood from HD or Lowes is double the cost of going to my local lumber store.

              I used this search in google

              boston lumber hardwood -floor

              it looks like there are some good hits for you.

              If you really want to save money you can do what I do make projects out of pallets!


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                Kudos! You are my hero. Just impressive.
                I also liked your website. It is coming along pretty good. You should talk to some wood magazine publishers! You have a future as writer/illustrator!! Please don't go commercial for weekender's sake