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  • what happened here?

    i used to love watching norm abrams on the new yankee workshop. many months ago he was no longer on in the same time slot and catching him became hit or miss.

    i have been watching david marks on woodworks for quite some time now.

    i just caught an episode of the new yankee workshop over the weekend....and i was not impressed anymore. i always had the utmost respect for norm but after watching him this weekend and comparing him to mr marks....he seems to be a hack!

    did i just catch a "basic" episode (he built a toybox), or is he a hack compared to mr marks?

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    Spaceblues, believe me Norm is no hack. I'll agree his shows may be getting a little weary for exciting projects but after all it's been on for 12 years! Mr. Marks is a "professional" furniture designer/maker and has gallery showings nation wide (see He does exquisite designs using exotic woods. Norm on the other hand is a quality craftsman and contractor. His woodworking craftmanship produces quality "everyday" items. Last I new Norm wasn't in the furniture making business for a living either. In either case both gentlemen are fine examples of woodworking craftsman within the niche areas they have chosen to apply their skills.


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      I think you can learn from both Norm and David. While David is a real artist, personally, while I enjoy the pieces he makes and watching his techniques, there are only a handfull I'd ever want to make----just not my taste. Whereas, I've made many of Norm's (albeit--modified) designs. Also, if you look at his new season, Norm is taking on some rather challenging pieces, which, unlike some years, don't seem to be repeats of previous designs.

      Also, Norm tends to be more influenced by traditional and antique pieces you're likely to find in New England, where David's furniture is more exotic or designed for artwork----I enjoy both shows, though I no longer get David since he no longer is broadcast on HGTV----DIY would cost us an extra $11/mo. and we're already extended on that bill.


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        I too think that Norm is doing just fine. The show is called "The New Yankee Workshop" for a reason. not "furniture for California's richest residents" I think he does a good job following the theme of the show and instead of using store bought jigs, he crafts his own and shows the woodworker how to make one themselves. Norm got me into woodworking. If I hadn't seen Norm and only saw DM, I wouldn't be in it. He uses too many exotic woods and techniques that I could never own.


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          Norms is an excellent carpenter and a fine woodworker, but David Marks is an award winning furniture builder. Even if Norm did have the abilities that DM has, most of the NYW projects are aimed a little more down to earth so we can build them also. Wish I could watch them both everyday.