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My BS14002. A pleasure to use.

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  • My BS14002. A pleasure to use.

    Regarding vibration in the BS14002, this has been a major issue for me in the past, to the point that I wasn't using my saw all that much and was very disappointed with it.
    I decided to give it another try and this is what I did:

    1. Base: I have kept the Herc-u-lift base but I added a shelf in the middle that helps to stiffen the whole base and I feel that helped with the vibration. Leveled the feet and I feel that the saw sit very solid on the floor when the wheels are retracted.

    2. Motor: since the motor sits on rubber grommets I was concerned about the consistency of the position of the motor over time. To counteract this I added wedges between the motor and the body of the saw, and that will keep the distance and the tension to the belt constant. I had to be careful with the position of the motor and make sure that the motor was parallel to the saw, to make sure that the belt was straight. I also adjusted the pulleys to make sure that the belt was completely straight and replaced the v-belt with a link belt.

    3. Wheels: when I started looking into this I was surprised to see that very clearly both (upper and lower) wheels had a very obvious heavy spots. At this point I was thinking about how to measure the vibration and how to measure how out of balance the wheels were since the method of drilling the holes on the wheels felt like trying to bite a cookie round… but I did it anyways… and after five ¼ hole all the way through, still the same heavy spot… and then I found this article by Doug Westlind and everything changed. I was able to measure the level of vibration with my dial indicator and with $3 worth of ¼ ounce wheel weights I followed the directions from Doug… until the total vibration was less that 0.002

    4. I replaced the blade and set it up, balanced a dime on the table for a while and made some test cuts... excellent.

    Some upgrades I made to the saw:

    New urethane tires
    Cool blocks
    Link belt

    As an additional note, the measured vibration is the same even when it sitting on its herc-u-lift wheels.

    My BS14002 is now a pleasure to operate.