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blade alignment on the TS3612 help needed

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  • blade alignment on the TS3612 help needed

    I have spent a few hours trying the align the blade and the fence on the TS3612.

    One of the things that I noticed after making a rip cut and the saw is turned off, the blade continues to spin and cuts a tiny cut on the stock. Is this an alignment problem with the blade or the fence?

    I also noticed that there are slight circular blade marks on the piece of stock. '

    - Jimmy

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    I would say both
    Andy B.


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      It could be both. With a dial indicator, I set my fence to be .005 (that's 5/1000") out in the back. With a parallel blade, this will eliminate the pinching at the back of the blade you described. Now when I finish my ripping on the right side of the blade, I just slide the piece through to the outfeed table, without any rubbing.

      Setting the blade to parallel was pretty hard for me using the combination square method as they show in the manual. Using this method, the best I could get my setup was .015 out. It looked perfect to me but the dial indicator showed me different. I bought a gauge package and got it even tighter to .0025. I have the 2412 and it doesn't have the microadjust trunnion, which made the adjustment a little tricky, but you have the microadjust on your saw so it should be cake for you.


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        Jimmy --

        You may not have an alignment problem. The cradle of my 3612 was aligned correctly out of the factory (based on the "tic" sounds of hand-spinning the blade past a steel square set in the miter gauge slot). I upgraded the blade that came with the saw the day after I had the saw assembled and had made the first cut- went back to HD and got a Freud Diablo to replace the supplied blade. Depending on your color sense, you may be uncomfortable with the clash between the red Diablo and Ridgid's orange insert, but it cuts smooth and sweet. I found it also helps to align the fence 1/64 away from the blade at the back of the saw, per Kelly Mehler's "The Table Saw Book", published by the Taunton Press. I haven't calculated whether this is equivalent to Tim's more accurate dial indicator tool adjustment, but it's the same idea. Also, I don't think there is any way to keep from getting blade marks in your piece without moving it steadily and completely past the blade to finish the cut before you shut the saw down.
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          Thanks for all the tips. I did move the fence out a bit at the end and that seemed to help.

          Yeah the micro adjustment trunnion is *really* nice.

          - Jimmy