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Adjustment of Ridgid Planner

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  • Adjustment of Ridgid Planner

    Perhaps someone can assist me with a with a way to adjust the infeed plate on my planner. I can raise or lower the rear of the plate, BUT the pivot point closest to the chrome plate under the blades doesn't appear to be adjustable. Because the infeed plate AT THE PIVOT IS NOT EVEN with the plate under the blades, I'm getting some snip.

    I'm wondering if there is anyway to correct this situation? Any help would be appreciated.


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    At the point where the infeed (or outfeed) table meets the main table, the infeed table is, by design, lower than the main table. An adjustment would not dramatically affect snipe.

    To minimize snipe, take a 3-4' long piece of scrap pine. Adjust the infeed and outfeed per the manual. Feed the stock in and look at the cut. If you have snipe, feed the board in and lift ever so slightly on the end of the board. If the snipe is reduced then the infeed table needs to be adjusted upward. If the snipe get worse, then the table needs to go down slightly. Use the same process for the outfeed table.



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      Thanks so much Jake for the info. Knowing that the infeed table is supposed to be slightly lower at the pivot point is helpful. I really appreciate such a prompt reply. I find this site extremely informative and very helpful.