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Bought R4511...Should I worry??? (Arbor)

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  • Bought R4511...Should I worry??? (Arbor)

    Allright, long time lurker here finally posting....I need some input from you guys.

    This afternoon I stopped by my local Home Depot to see what the Ulitmate Power Deal was all about.
    Long Story Short, I walked out with the R4511 Granite top table saw I've been eyeing up for the past few months for $450.

    Now ive been reading on here for the past few hours about the arbor shaft recalls, and broken arbor shafts.....Now I am all paranoid about my new saw tossing the 10" blade at me

    So i just went out to the garage and looked at the box (I have not yet even opened the box up). And on the top flap of the cardboard box near where the plastic banding strap is there is a sticker with some info on it such as:
    Carton weight:477lbs
    Country of origin:China
    Date Code: 0917

    So im guessing the date code of my saw is 0917. Which does not fall into the recall's date code range.
    I believe the effected saws date codes were 0829 thru 0837.

    I think the date codes work year/week, meaning the saws effected by the recall were made in 2008 between the 29th week and the 37th week.
    Using the same system my saw was made in 2009, the 17th week.

    That means there were roughly 32 weeks between the last recall effected saws build date and my saws build date.

    Plus I would imagine and HOPE all Home Depots would have checked their stock of R4511 saws to see if any were effected by the recall, and removed the effected ones from their stock and not sold them.

    **Now do you guys feel as though I should trust this saw??? I really think it looks like a great saw with alot of very nice features built in, but I must admit I am feeling a little nervous after reading the 22page topic on the recall.

    So if you guys were in my shoes would you: Assemble the saw and use it......or would you return it and look elsewhere?????

    Thanks for any help,

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    Re: Bought R4511...Should I worry??? (Arbor)

    if it doesnt fall in the recall codes i wouldnt worry


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      Re: Bought R4511...Should I worry??? (Arbor)

      I wouldn't worry at all about a saw made 7 to 8 months after the recall window.


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        Re: Bought R4511...Should I worry??? (Arbor)

        I'd open it up, stick it together, and start cutting wood!