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  • What do I win?

    I'm the winner of the collector's edition screwed-up operators manual! Is it a one-of-a-kind?

    I recently picked up a new MS1290LZ Sliding Compound Miter Saw which came with 3 manuals for the different supported languages. I was surprised to find that in the english manual, pages 3-6 and 55-58 were erroneously in french!

    Looks like the folks assembling the manual got a few pages mixed up. I wonder who got the english pages in their french manual. I checked my french manual and it's fine.

    So I've won the prize, right? You can send me the R922 Combo Kit, or the JP0610 Planer.

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    Maybe a "learn French while you sleep" CD might be a more likely prize! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
    \"Is it Friday yet?\"


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      Manuals are downloadable / printable via Ridgids site:

      Click Here
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        LOL, even though my manuals were just fine from the box, I printed them out on regular paper and adjusted the size so that they are full scale on the 8 1/2"x 11" paper. I then took the copies to work and made nice binded manuals out of them complete with extra paper at the bck for notes and plastic protective covers.