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Any TS3612s in Texas?

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  • Any TS3612s in Texas?

    I plan to buy a TS3612 in the next couple of weeks, but they're hard to come by. I've looked through the stock of 3 Home Depots in Austin and found only TS2424s.

    Has anybody seen them anywhere? Is there a way to contact the manufacturer's rep to see if he's set one up in a store in the area? I'd rather see a display before I buy, but my garage may be the first place I see it. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Yep, I have seen one at the Forest Lane store in Dallas, and apparently there is one at the White Rock store near Garland Rd @ Jupiter also. Apparently both the 2424 and the 3612 have the same SKU so HD's computer system doesn't know the difference. An order will be placed for the 3612 when the inventory for the 2424 falls below the default. "The smarter we get the more stupid things we do."
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      Yep, there's one setup in Mesquite as well at the HD Supply Store as well as the White Rock store, Forest Lane and also in south Dallas at the Wheatland Store today.
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        I bought mine at the HD on Research Blvd. in Austin a couple months ago. They are still displaying the TS2424, but I found mine on the upper shelves, and they were quite willing to sell it to me. I am out of town this weekend, but will be glad to let you actually try the TS3612 in my garage when I get back - drop me a note to with your schedule/phone number if interested. I live near the Arboretum.

        It is a great saw - you'll love it!


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          Charley P:
          what a guy!

          You're O.K., for a woodworker



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            Thanks! I'll certainly take you up on that offer.

            From some of the other threads I've see, your saw will be set up better than a display would have been.

            Thanks again.


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              Robert when looking for the saw don't just look at the display model. You have to find where they are being stored in store (normally on the very top shelf of tool corral) and read the box. The box will tell you if it is the newer model. Don't trust the skew number or the salesman. Visual inspection is the only way. Also make sure you get the correct rails and fence (visual inspection of second box). Here in Dallas the majority of stores have the new saw mixed in with the older model. Seek and you will find.
              Reggie (Grainraiser)