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Cutting Lexan or Phenolic

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  • Cutting Lexan or Phenolic

    I'm building a router table and using either Lexan or a piece of phelolic as my router plate. I'm wondering if using my plunge router, can a router bit (3/4" round over bit)be used to make a hole in the plate. Would the bit get damaged?
    Anyone got any ideas how to get a nice clean round hole in the center of my plate?


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    Tonka, a round over bit is not designed for making holes, it's designed for rounding edges. Why not just use a wing cutter on your drill press to get your hole? Hole saws, possibly even forstner bits could make the hole(s).

    Carbide router bits will not be harmed by using them on Lexan etc. If you are dead set on making the hole with your router, it will require the proper type of bit and some sort of fixture.


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      I would use a 1/4" sharp drill bit to make the initial center hole. Then chuck the drill bit in the router, screw some sharpened screws into the router mounting holes and insert the drill bit into the drilled hole so the sharpened screws will mark the router mounting holes. Then I would drill and c/s the mounting holes and use a hole saw to cut the size center hole I desired. Now the router will be perfectly centered on the center hole.

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