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Building a Dust Collection System

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  • Building a Dust Collection System

    Hi Guys:

    I recently purchased a new home and moving in Sept. I now will have a workshop in the basement rather that in a cold garage. My workshop will be in the basement approx. 30'X60' floor space. My concern is dust building up so i've decided to build a dust collection system. I've researched alot but would appreciate any comments or suggestions before i start.


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    I would suggest you start at this site. One of the formost experts I know of on home shop dust removal.
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      There is a great WW forum on WOOD ONLINE which is split into many subjects and one of those is air cleaning systems etc. This forum is a great source of information and all the members are extremely helpful. Ridgid and Wood online are all I use, I have looked at others but these two fill my needs.

      Regards Ivor


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        thanks for the advise guys


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          Since it sounds like your new home is still being built---why not take advantage of this---

          If you have plumbers/mechanical contractors on site, you could possibly get them to install a run, for locating a DC or cyclone, outside or otherwise away from the shop, and use metal ducting for a main trunk/header, with T's at appropiate places. Also, try to do the same for electrical, 220, etc. Cheaper to put in the right stuff now, than later.


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            If you are going to place the DC unit away from the shop, make sure it is wired so it can be turned on/off from the shop.