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Scroll saw recomendations?

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  • Scroll saw recomendations?

    Hey everyone,

    Just wondering if anybody has any scroll saw recommendations?

    I've been looking into band saws, until I started thinking about what I'd use it for; I think, for my purposes, a scroll would be a decent, cheaper alternative (and, in fact, actually better suited to my uses)

    I don't currently need to re-saw lumber, I'd just be using it to cut decorative accents and delicate shapes out of 4/4 stock (maybe 8/4, but I really doubt it...)



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    Re: Scroll saw recomendations?

    The DeWalt saw generally receives high marks from those who own or review one.
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      Re: Scroll saw recomendations?


      I agree with BD on the popularity of the DeWalt. A good referance site and a great source for quality blades and information is , check the "links" and "Q&A" pages.

      Hegner ( and is probably the top brand professional product name. They are expensive though!

      I have a Ryobi 18-inch, variable speed that I bought on close-out back in 2003. It is very much like the older 16-inch that Ridgid had in 2001. Though it is no longer available under the Ridgid or Ryobi brands, you can find it at Sears, under the Craftsman name.

      While I've had this saw since 2003, I must admit that I haven't used it an awful lot, but it has performed quite well for me. However the reviews on the Craftsman web site are mixed with those who either hate it or love it with an overall rating around 4 out of 5, IIRC. It is available to see in the store and it does have some nice features for the price.

      Bottom line though, IMO, is that if this is your first approach to the scrollsaw, you might want to go with an introductory priced unit, just in case you find it's not a major-use tool, unless of course you're into scrolling. Dremel and the lower priced Ryobi is available at Home Depot and I know that Lowes also has a model or two.

      I hope this helps,



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        Re: Scroll saw recomendations?

        Woodworker Supplies has a great selection of scroll saws.
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