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O K Ridgid, you convinced me

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  • O K Ridgid, you convinced me

    I have the dewalt 12" Slide saw and today the Electric brake went out on it, and it was smoking.

    I wouldn't let the guys use it, so i went to a pawn shop right around the corner to pick up a used Mitre saw to hold us over for a week or however it would take to get it repaired. I saw a ridgid 12" mitre saw, and picked up for $100.00.
    Used and abused but still worked great, I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely give the new Ridgid Slide a very good look when it gets to my home depot here in cleveland...... Kudos to you Ridgid

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    Glad to hear you like your miter saw. The slide saw should be hitting stores very soon so keep an eye out.