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  • Leg currle

    I am making a "treasure chest" for my grandson out of 3/4" pine imported from Brazil. Shoot me later if you must but let me finish the toy box first . . . please. I cut the legs at 5.5" at the widest point tapering down to two inches. I made eight of them in the hopes of laminating them. Long story short I went to my work shop 12 hours later and they all looked like a bunch of dog's ears! Are they a complete lose or should I still try and salvage what I can? Help me please I have never seen such a thing. Oh, and guess where the lumber came from . . . >_<

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    Re: Leg currle

    If you laid them on the concrete floor overnight and they curled toward the roof then flipping them over and leaving them overnight again may help. Usually when wood curls that bad it is due to the rapid gain or loss of moisture. As far as shooting you well it would appear you have learned your lesson. There are lots of mills in the Sault, venture out of town a few Km and by your wood there. Mills are plentiful and cheap, you could likely have built out of oak for the price you paid for Brazilian pine.


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      Re: Leg currle

      I've had this happen with pine from borg stores. And it happens quite fast.

      Make your cuts on both sides, rather than just removing everything from one side. This will (hopefully) equalize the movement after you cut it and leave you close to your desired end result.

      Along these same lines, if you are already at final sizing, you're kind of stuck. If you have some room to trim a bit more, then you could make a cut on the opposite side. But since its bent, if you make a straight cut it will just bend-back strangely (e.g. your straight cut on the bent material will result in not-straight even if it unbends). Try using a bandsaw to follow the curve it has now. Maybe it'll come back sorta straight.

      After typing all that, I'd just suggest you start over with the legs. Wet lumber sucks.