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TS 3660 Motor Mount Problem

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  • TS 3660 Motor Mount Problem

    I think I have a problem.

    I bought the 3660 back in February of this year when it went on sale for 399. It sat in the original box in my heated garage for 6 months until I had the time to set it up. Well I just finished tonight and I think I messed up bad. I was having all kinds of trouble getting the belt tension right. The belt keeps coming off the pulleys. I read all of the assembly threads and I have tried adjusting the pulleys and they sure look like they are in exactly the same plane to me. Well that's not the real problem. I had to keep tightening and loosening the set screws that screw down against the motor mounting shafts to make adjustements to the belt tension. They keep loosening due to vibration. Well I must have tightened too hard and one of the screws is now stripped. The other is snug and not moving. The stripped one is fairly tight against the one mounting shaft but it wont get any tighter and it won't come back out. Should I just leave it? Any suggestions? I am not sure if the threads on the set screw stripped or if the threads in the peice that the screws screw into stripped.

    I appreciate any advice or help you can provide.