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Good idea or bad idea?

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  • Good idea or bad idea?

    What do you guys think? I've got to cut 1x10s quite often, and I've made a temporary setup to do just that. Before I put together a better permanent solution, is there anything wrong with this?

    Problem is I have a small saw, small space to work with, and can't adjust anything at the moment-and I still have to cut 1x10s. I have the dual bevel at the shop, but it's a pain to use, can't keep it straight and true for some reason, and it's dusty as hell...

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    Re: Good idea or bad idea?

    People have been making cuts like that for a long time but I doubt if you'll find it illustrated in any Owners Manual.
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      Re: Good idea or bad idea?

      It's probably a lot safer having it rest on a support, as you have added, then you lifting it to make the cut. I don't see any "forces" from the saw that may work against you, but I think I'd stop the saw before I lifted it from the bed, just in case.

      I had a guy here helping me do some work on the house last year and he'd hold up the edge of the board like that with his hand. Made me wince, but everybody has their own rules I guess. I did move my saw from the porch, to the driveway, and jokingly told him it was because that it would be much easier to wash away the blood with the garden hose (Really it was because it was easier to clean up the saw dust!)



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        Re: Good idea or bad idea?

        CWSmith, that's what I did before this. I just don't like the idea of blood in my work space either.

        Cool, and thanks Badger Dave, didn't know if this was a knuckleheaded thing to do or not. Figured this beats the other options though.