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    I am just wondering which jigsaw I should buy? I have found a Milwaukee 6266-22 at a Lowes for a good price of $99. The other lowes around and the Lowes website have it listed at $139. I am in a debate over buying this because I really like the features of the Bosch 1587avsp. I have gift cards from Home Depot to take care of most of the cost of the Bosch, but the Milwaukee is the better buy and has more power, 6.2 amps vs the 5.0 amp Bosch.Which jigsaw should I buy??

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    I would read this thread:

    I like the Freud FJ85 myself
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      I just gave my new DeWalt jigsaw to my son and bought the barrell grip Bosch. It is a huge improvement. I especially like the fact that it cuts at 90 degrees to the work, unlike my DeWally. I understand the Freud jigsaw is a very good saw too. One thing I've learned is that blades make a huge difference. The Bosch Progressor blades are excellent and fit most other saws. I'm getting a lot more use out of the jig saw now that I own a good one.
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        I also cast my vote for the Freud FJ-85. One sweet jigsaw. The Bosch IMO is a excellent jigsaw but way overpriced. Thats a super low price on the Milwaukee. Are you sure that the $99 one is the same model as the $139 one?
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          The price is correct on the Milwaukee jigsaw. I saw it priced at the lowes store and called later and the salesman confirmed the price.


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            I have the Bosch and no complaints and would highly recommend it, but at that price the Milwaukee appears to be too good of a deal to pass up. I just checked the Milwaukee website and that model looks as if it comes complete with everything the Bosch does, if it feels as comfortable in your hand I would suggest you go with it, then you get the additional benefit of still having the gift cards. Whichever saw you decide on, spend the extra money on Bosch blades, they are well worth it.