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  • Rigid Planer

    I have a 13" Model R3440 thickness planer. The problem I have is the knob for adjusting the thickness keeps moving. If the machine is just running it turns down, if I put a board in it, it comes up. I called the manufacturer and was told there was no way of holding it in one place with that model, I was ttold the same thing by the local service department. Has anyone experienced the same problem?

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    Re: Rigid Planer

    My crank wheel really takes effort to move when I want it too even. I've never had it move on me......not one bit. Something to tighten in the gearing?


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      Re: Rigid Planer

      I've heard people say they wedge something between the wheel and the planer to keep it from turning.


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        Re: Rigid Planer

        I read about the issue before I bought the planer but it didn't worry me. One of the solutions to this may be drilling two hole close to the edge of the crank wheel. The hole would be drilled 90 degrees apart and each would accept a self tapping bold with a wing of some sort so it could be turned without the need to use a wrench. A bolt would exert pressure (no need for much) against the chassis of the planer and thus prevent the wheel from moving.

        The reason for two wholes instead of one, and for the 90 degrees between them would be the vertical slot where the crank travels up and down. Regardless of the need the 90 degree configuration would ensure that at least one of the bolts doesn't go into the slot without providing any support.
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          Re: Rigid Planer


          I don't have this new model. When I heard it was coming and that the TP1300 was going to be replaced, I rushed out and bought that highly respected older model, expecting that the newer unit may be a "downgrade". The fact was that the newer model was "upgraded" to a 3-blade cutter and a redesigned dust chute which certainly should be considered as "better". However, it lacked the "cutter head lock", and the new 4-screw adjustment system was supposed to make that older feature obsolete.

          Unfortunately, I have since read several complaints about the head "moving" during operation!

          Bottom line, I would consider the advice that you have received as "useless". If the head cannot be adjusted to remain in place while the machine is in operation, then I would very much consider that the planer has a major design flaw. It does NOT live up to the manufacturer's standards and it really should be replaced or your money should be refunded in full!

          Your statement, " I called the manufacturer and was told there was no way of holding it in one place with that model, I was told the same thing by the local service department."

          What does that tell you? You bought a product that does not function properly and the manufacturer is now telling you it can't be fixed?

          I would pursue that a bit further and get some names and dates on who is telling you this and if it is true, you need to take whatever steps to get satisfaction. As it stands now, you have a planer that is worthless and you should not have to drill holes or take any "Rube Goldberg" steps to re-engineer it.

          So while I personally have no solution or direct knowledge of the problem on this model, I think you need to verify that the problem really cannot be fixed and if so, you need to have this unit replaced or get your money back.