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  • Ridgid BS1400

    I am going to be in the market for a 14" bandsaw,
    Since I already have a Ridgid TS, I have just decide to go with a Ridgid bandsaw as well,

    I have a question or two, hopefully some can help me out:

    1. What is the going price for the BS1400, my HD
    doesn't seem to have them..

    2. Can you remove the upper blade guides and
    install bearing blade guides? If so what
    brand and model is recommended.

    3. Not related...but Does Ridgid go to any of The WoodWorking Shows? Just Curious...


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    I am not positive, but the price was 429.00 when I bought mine. I was just in HD today and looked at what they had in stock but didn't pay attention to prices.

    I'm sure there are bearing guides to fit the Ridgid out there. I personally do not recommend it. I run between 1/8" to 3/4" blades, the full spectrum of blades. Cool blocks are the only way to go as the 1/8" blades teeth will run on the bearings. Unless your intended use of the bandsaw is for a few specific tasks, I feel they are a waste of money, better put into a quick release blade tensioner.

    I'm too poor to travel to shows, so I can not offer any help with that area.

    I do recommend the riser block kit. The fence is the same as fitted to the General 14" bandsaw.
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      ridgid used to go to shows! They should go bach to the shows!
      Andy B.