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    I agree with badger dave. Bought a 1/4" shank, ogee bit from rockler($60.00), and while routing, the shank snapped, and went flying. Luckily had on safety gear and it didn/t hit me anyway. The point is I brought it back and they replaced it right away, no receipt. took that one back, and it snapped too. Took that one back and got one 1/2" shank and it is still runnin. But at least they stood behind it. (not sure they would stand in front of those 1/4" shank ones though Ha ha.


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      A word about Viper bits...contrary to my previous post!

      I broke the 1/2" shank, 1/4" straight bit that came in my 66 pc MLCS set. Frantic as it was the last 1/4" I had, I ran to the local hardware store, they don't stock router bits. So off to HD I go.

      I buy 2 of the 1/4" shank 1/4" straight bits, $13.00 each. I probably have close to 10 hours on the first bit, and it is every bit sharp as when I put it in the router. I plowed about 100 linial feet of 3/8" deep dados in a single pass, expecting it to snap the first cut, but held up exceptionally well. I wanted to see what the bit could take.) Using it on several 3/4" blind dados for less chisel work at the ends, and a bunch of rabbiting.

      I would have to say the bright yellow Oldham Viper bits are worth every penny, and closer to the high end bits rather than the low end I previously posted.

      The 2 I ordered from Grizzly didn't last long enough to bother to put in the router. The Hickory from the $99 set lasted quite a while as well. The Frued I bought had an untimely end with some kind of metel object between the plys of the plywood, obviously inbedded in the manufacturing process.
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        Since I started this thread, I thought I'd post a followup as well. I have a 1/2" dia. 1/2" shank 2 flute Viper straight cutting bit. I have used it on 2 projects: cleaning the edge of a 70" round table top made of plywood and a 48" round table top made of walnut. It's starting to show it's age, but, admittedly, the ply was a little rough on it.

        I have since purchased 2 bits from MLCS's Katana line. An antique beading bit and a 45 deg. chamfer bit. Both appear to have great "fit & finish" and have performed well in limited use.

        The Katana bits are a couple of bucks more expensive than the standard MLCS bits and have the teflon type coating similar to what Freud uses.



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          since buying a CMT saw blade, i have been buying CMT bits as i was happy with the blade purchase. i do have some freud bits. is a good place. you can also try he often has great sales on CMT bits. I wish HD would carry CMT...after all they are both orange

          i have also heard good things about Amana


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            I've also tried a Viper bit with good success. I've been trimming a fair mount of laminate with the edging bit and so far not even a burn mark or a dull edge. (I cut myself while checking!)