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Newbie Review of TP1300 Planer

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  • Newbie Review of TP1300 Planer

    I'm pretty new to woodworking and thought some prospective buyer might appreciate a review of the TP1300 from a "non-pro."

    I purchased the TP1300LS last week. Put it together (incl the Herc-U-Lift Plus stand) in about 2 hours. Ran it for a few minutes and then wiped out the shipping grease. Started planning cherry immediately after.

    Short version: this is a great tool that delivers as promised. I checked the setup (using a couple of articles off the net) and it was dead-on from the factory. I keep my cuts below 1/16" to minimize wear on the knives and any marring on the wood (don't ask me -- I'm just following hints from the web). Works great! Couldn't believe the quality of finish I'm getting (but I'm a newbie so maybe I'm easy to please). The controls are convenient, I really like (and use) the presets to quickly shift gears when planning 1 side and 1 edge. Also love the depth of cut gague that tells you exactly how much you're taking off the board before you start cutting... has saved me from more than one measurement error...

    Works perfectly in combination with my Ridgid jointer to deliver finished boards that are perfect. BTW, my "first" woodworking project is a 12' wide 8' tall built-in bookcase in cherry. The OWMBO is amazed at how nice it is turning out -- in large part due to the combo of the jointer and planer.

    I was tempted to buy one of the newer, fancier 2 speed machines with triple knives and I'm glad I didn't. For less money I got the planer, spare knives, stand and dust chute. And, replacement knives are $30 at HD vs $50 per set! Like I said, finish looks great to me! Not sure how it could get better but I'm sure there are more experienced people who could tell the difference.

    The best part of the planer is that the little touches are great... having the tools box in the side, knife storage under the table and even a place to wrap the cord when not in use. Seems stupid but those little touches make the tool that much more enjoyable to use.

    Last, I wasn't sure about the Herc-U-Lift but I am now a huge fan. I have the jointer on a Delta do-it-yourself kit and my tablesaw is on a HTC. Neither holds a candle to the Herc!

    -- Sam

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    I forgot one thing... SNIPE.

    I've read about snipe. I've seen pictures of it on the net. I can't get any snipe out of this planer! I've run everything from 24" to 12' through it... as long as you catch the board on the outfeed side then there's zip snipe...

    -- Sam


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      Just read your review of the TP1300 planer. Well done!

      I've had mine for over 2 years and never had a moment's problem...well, I started to once, then realized it may be time to 'flip' the knives. Problem disappeared. After 2 years of on-again, off-again usage, I'm still on my 2nd set of knives (they came with the planer when purchased).

      It's currently setting on the delta style (build-your-own slats)on the excellent steel stand (Ridgid) and it works pretty well - but glad to hear that the Herc-u-Lift Plus is even better. My only complaint with it is that you need a wide area to turn it in (like a big truck). Been wanting to try out one of the H-U-L Plus's...

      Like you, I find snipe to be practically non-existent. I confess that I don't use calipers to check for it - but for me it does a fine job.

      Have run pine (both plain and pressure-treated), cypress, red cedar, oak (both white and red), and douglas fir thru it and it does an amazing job. Very smooth finish. Heck, I even edge-jointed boards before I got my jointer. Any tearout was due to dull knives/too much material on the pass. I've learned that the 1/32" pass is a good bite (depending on the wood).

      One more thing you will greatly appreciate with this machine is the ease of changing knives - truly takes 10-15 minutes (and I don't get in a hurry).

      This is not to say that the new machines from Delta/DeWalt/whoever may not be as good or even better - just stating that I have not regretted this purchase for one minute.

      Again, kudos on a great 'non-pro' review!

      Of course I can build you one of those - I just need a [new tool]!