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MS1290LZ Mitre Saw

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  • MS1290LZ Mitre Saw

    The Ridgid supplied Exactline laser marks the workpiece just over 1/8" away from the actual cut line, making it far from an exactline. Has anyone any comments on this subject, was wondering if there were other units out there that would bolt on and run true to the cutting edge of the blade or has anyone experimented with the Ridgid Unit, IE bolting it without the base plate using a DTI to ensure centering is spot on?

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    Many comments on this subjuct in the archives (search feature)
    An aftermarket laser that gets good reviews is Laserkerf


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      Yes, thats it! really like the fact it covers both sides of the blade face, and holds true even when doing multi angle cuts. Thanks for the pointer, at the end of Jan I will invest in one for sure. Thanks for the help.


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        Checked out mod's on the supplied Ridgid laser, no way. Received the Laserkerf yesterday, put it on this afternoon, ohhhhhhhh this is sweet, spot on I love it, what you see is where you cut - precisely. Recommend this upgrade for the shop based miter says, do not think it will take the abuse on a construction site, or the transportation to and from it. Anyway thanks for this suggestion, it was a good one and I am really pleased with it. Many thanks Imported_WBrooks for that pointer.