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Need advice on problem with TSS24241

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  • Need advice on problem with TSS24241

    Greetings All,

    I'm new to the forum, been meaning to join for sometime now. Since I've encountered a problem with my Ridgid Table Saw, I guess this is a great time to join! I need advice on solving a problem.

    The worm or screw, whatever you call, that raises and lowers the blade isn't working. When the handle is turned I know that the worm is engaging the teeth on the gear, I can see that when someone else turns the handle for me.

    However, instead of raising or lowering the trunion, the trunion itself stays in the position that it's in and the worm, screw, threaded rod thing, moves toward the rear of the saw until it stops. The same thing happens in reverse when I turn it the other way. It doesn't travel very far either forwards or backwards.

    So, any ideas on where I should start to solve this problem? I would appreciate any input that anyone may have who has encountered this problem with the Table Saw or if they simply understand the problem and can step me through the repair process. Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

    Stephen Edwards

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    Re: Need advice on problem with TSS24241

    Have you ever cleaned the underside of your saw? Could be that your troubles are sawdust build-up related.
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      Re: Need advice on problem with TSS24241

      +1 on cleaning. what you are describing is hard to comprehend when the parts diagram is reviewed:

      page 60 shows the parts for the arbor assembly. if the lift screw (part 38) is indeed turning as the handle is rotated, and the housing and arbor (part 45) are attached to the cradle correctly, the blade should rise and fall. get in there with a light and see what's going on. bevelling the cradle to 45* might help see what's going on. good luck.
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