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Free Accessories with TS3612 promo?

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  • Free Accessories with TS3612 promo?

    Well, since the 10% off with a new charge account ends tomorrow at HD, I went and picked up a 3612. Now, I havn't unpacked it yet since I can't get in in the house by myself but during my searching, one of the Home Depot's had an offer for 3 free accessories with the 3612, they were there dust cover, dado insert and I think some type of miter gage. When I asked the salesman there about them, he stated they should be in the box and if I did not get them and could prove it, he would supply them. The catch to this was that he did not have the 3612, but another store did (50 miles from my home). Still he said if I got it there, he would supple the missing parts. Now the place that had the saw had no knowledge of the offer and said it sould be in the box if it is an offer from Ridgid. Can anyone who has purchased the saw confirm that the free accessories are included? Because if now, I going to open this thing in front of the guy at Home Depot that said he would get me the freebies if I could prove they did not come in the package.

    Wish me luck build and using this thing ... I've never owned a table saw and hope to get started using this thing to build my better half some stands and stuff she has been bugging me to buy for her.

    BTW, which blades (I'd like a dado blade also) do y'all recommand for this saw?

    - Dae

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    I think the free stuff was really with the 2424. Not the 3612, so open it in front of the guy because, I really think it won't be there.

    When I bought my 2424, the free stuff was inside the box, in fact I still have the box and just looked at it. It shows the free stuff on th eoutside and calls it a "combo" pack. 7" Dado insert, miter gauge clamp accessory and dust chute for the bottom of the saw.

    If he is good to his word, take the box and open it in front of him, I think you will score!

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      Thanks for quick response, but now, I may have another problem... I just noticed that box 2 says that the contents are required to complete Ridgid Model TS2424 10" Table saw. This is printed at the end of the package. Weird thing is that the rest of the package says it's the rails for Ridgid Model TS3612. For those who have purchased the 3612, was your box mixed marked also?

      TIA - Dae


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        I have only see a 3612 at HD but I think the rails are the same.
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          Originally posted by RixWorx:
          I have only see a 3612 at HD but I think the rails are the same.
          The exact thing happened to me.

          First, promotion is only with the 2424. But guy promised. Since HD doesn't carry the exact accessories I got an $80 credit toward stuff.

          Rails are not same. You will be "f'd" at step 16. Box 2 of 2 must be for a 3612. Ridgid can't help. I made guy search the store untill he found it.

          The 3612 is worth it!


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            I purchased my 3612 about a month ago. The box my rails came in also had "TS2424" in one place and "TS3612" in another. I was prepared for that, having read some previous posts here. The rails were correct for the 3612. Open those boxes and get that thing together - you will love it.
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              Thanks all for the help!!

              Now my basement is being cleaned up so tomorrow, I'll be putting the saw together.

              - Dae


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                Just to confirm was everyone else was stating. The free accessories was only with the TS2424 saw. The only accessory included in the TS3612 was the zero clearence insert.

                There is a misprint on some of the first TS3612 rail boxes. The script in the red block should read TS3612 not TS2424. If it does not say TS3612 anywhere else on the box, you received the incorrect rails.



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                  i have just bought that saw and I saw yhe same deal . No the dust collector and miter hold down kit were not included . The sailman gave me the dust but had to order the miter .