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Measurement Discrepancy

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  • Measurement Discrepancy

    On my 3660...when I use the measuring scale out to about 14-18 inches, it is dead on. However, as I go farther out, it starts giving inacurate results, to as much as 1/8 inch short. If I cut something 12 inches wide, it is 12 inches wide. Try 18, and it comes out 17 7/8. What gives?
    I have made repeated measurements and cuts and can't figure out what is going on here. Seems a little farfetched to think the ruler is off.

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    Re: Measurement Discrepancy

    I would doubt check your rails to make sure that they are level from one end to the other end. Also, the tape could be at fault so check that against a tape measure that you trust.
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