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Miter saw blades????

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  • Miter saw blades????

    Hi All

    Just want to ask if any of you can recommend a good all round 10 inch saw blade for my MS1065, I’ve been to my local H-D and looked at some of the Freud blades, but I cant make my mind up about which is best for me thin kerf or standard kerf, as I want a single blade to do several jobs.
    I will be cross cutting and mitering hard + soft woods of about 1 - 2 inches thick were I need a fine finish and occasionally chopping off 4x4s,and maybe some chipboard or plywood strips every now and again, I think that I need something with about 60 teeth, and would the thicker kerf Freud LU82M010 be a more stable blade than a thin kerf Freud TK400 when cutting thicker dimensional lumber.

    Thanks For Reading This and Have A Great Week


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    If you go to the link you included with your post and travel to the sawblade section, you'll find a catagory called something like "What Saw blade Do I Need". Click on that and it will ask you to answer a few question about what you want a blade to do for you. After you've inputed your info, it will calculate that info and suggest which Freud blade would be best based on your info.

    Based on the list of different types of sawing you want the blade to do, I doubt if there is one blade that can do all that and do a good job at each.
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      Thanks for the advice badgerdave.

      I’ve already been to the Freud web site and tried that, but my local H-D does not stock any of the suggested blades, but the two blades that I mentioned in my first post are stocked by them, so which one would you go with?
      I think that maybe I could use the 40 tooth Ridgid blade that came with my saw for the thicker lumber, but it seems a bit skinny to me!

      Thanks for reading this…Grayskin…


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        Opinions on saw blades are a dime a dozen and can vary from application to application but FWIT, here's my $.10 worth.

        The blades that are stocked at HD are contractor quality blades and are fine for rough cutting lumber where cut quality is not the primary concern. The stock blade that came with your saw IMO would also fall into that catagory. If the stock blade doesn't give you the results you want, then the LU82M010 would be a good choice for these types of cuts. Thats not to say that you couldn't use these blades for woodworking but it will require more sanding, , on your part to finish up the cut.

        For crosscutting most materials, I use the Freud LU85C010 chrome plated blade which gives me a nice glass smooth finish that requires very little if any sanding, . That particular blade can be hard to find but the Freud LU85R010 Perma-Shield coated blade will give you the same results.
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          Don't you just use regular 10" or 12" blades, whether mitersaw or table saw?
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            You can use the same blade to crosscut on a miter saw or a table saw, but that blade will not perform very well when ripping thick stock. For ripping you need a blade with less teeth like 24 as opposed to the 80 teeth mentioned above for cross cut


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              The Ridgid 10" 60t or 90t will both give you a very smooth and clean cut. They are made by Freud and according to the Freud reps they are a step above the Diablo blades. I have the 1050 on my tablesaw and the 1060 on my CMS and I have no trouble getting a smooth cut on either one.


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                I swear by CMT and they make a miter saw blade!