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    Well it's time for an update on my difficuties with Rigid and getting service on my planner. Back in October, gawd so long ago, I made the decision to get rid of all my Rigid tools due to poor customer service and poor repair center policies. That was until I ran across and actual Rigid, not OWT sales rep at the HD store near me.

    At his suggestion I returned the planner to HD, actually the Rialto, CA store, actually sig other did it for me I was working, well after explaining to James, the store manager what took place, he jumped right on top of it. Ran the machine heard the noices and said he'd take responsibility and he did. Promised I would have it back in a week or get a new one. Well less then a week rolls by she gets a call to come pick up a new machine, seems mine was repaired but when it got back to the store it still howled like a cat in heat. I was advised that HD is totally responsible and have been from the beginning for the lifetime warranty, BY THE ACTUAL RIDGID SALES PERSON. Guess for the time being I'll keep the Rigid stuff, but only because of the service I got from James, by the by the Rialto store is 15 miles from me, the closest store is 1 mile, and the service sucks, has for years with a couple of exception, like OWT some HD stores never learn.