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Re-sawing wood

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  • Re-sawing wood

    I am just starting to get into wood working and like Daryl C in a different post, I have purchased most of my wood from my local HD. I want to find a less expensive source of lumber. I would think that buying rough sawn lumber from a local lumber yard would be a cheaper route to go. I welcome any thoughts on how much I might expect to save buying kiln dried lumber, "rough sawn" lumber from a lumber yard?

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    Mike- Sorry for the late reply but... I buy 90% of my wood as "off the saw" i.e. very rough and very green. I stack it outside for a year and then bring it inside. I figure that I will discard 50% of the total board foot measure by the time I get the wood into cabinet building condition.Even at this rate, I am using air dried cherry and walnut for less than $2.00/bd.ft. Rough is the way to go IF you are willing to wait and do the grunt work of planing, ripping, etc that rough lumber requires. Lotsa luck.


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      just curious hamhand what moisture is the wood down to after a year air drying in your area. i'm in wis and doubt that it would be suitable i one year if you are stickering it outside. some guys are stacking it in sheds after a year and protecting it from the weather but its still not 'dry'. In my area u can buy rough sawn kill dried lumber depending on species and grade for well under 2.00/bf some species like grey elm and ash are less than 1.00/bf i also have a ready supply of wood from my own land and am in the process of building a solar kiln for myown use aboit 1000-1500 bf as drying cost's in the area run .20/.25/ bf its a lot of work but i find get a lot of enjoyment going from tree to finished project