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Ridgid 14 inch band saw / BS1400

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  • Ridgid 14 inch band saw / BS1400

    Hi all,

    I found this bandsaw on ebay and I am wondering if I should try to win it.

    The seller told me the saw is about 3 years old. My plans are to cut apple wood logs in the 6 to 8 inch diameter size. I would cut the outer part of the log and try to get as much of the wood without bark on it.

    Any help would surely be appreciated.


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    Re: Ridgid 14 inch band saw / BS1400

    I would say that that saw is older than 3 years. It is gray and not orange. I do beleive the older saws were of better quailty.
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      Re: Ridgid 14 inch band saw / BS1400

      The last gray bandsaw was made back in 2003. That fella may have only owned that one for 3 years but the saw itself is much older. The Ridgid bandsaw is pretty much heralded as the worst tool in the Ridgid line-up so bid accordingly. For my money, the bid is already too high.

      One other thing, as it's setup from the factory, the resaw capacity on that saw is only 6". Without the addition of a riser block that would have to be the maximum thickness of any log you would want to resaw.
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        Re: Ridgid 14 inch band saw / BS1400

        Since the seller was nice enough to show the machine plate, you can see that it's a BS14000. Current model is BS14002. Ergo, two model-cycles later.

        As other have stated, the bandsaw is one of Ridgid's lesser-revered stationary tools. You can spend some extra money to spruce it up and make it very satisfactory (in the neighborhood of $150-$200, including riser block and resaw blades. Search other threads for upgrade pointers), but keep that extra expenditure in mind when bidding. As BD said, this is already near/over fair value for a 6-7 year old machine that by all appearances, is still in it's stock form.