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  • TS2424 Viberation

    I have had this saw since 98 with no problems but now I have noticed it viberates and shakes when you start up and shut down and also while its running but not as bad. I have tried swapping blades which didn't matter, then ran it with the blade off. It wasn't to bad but it would never pass the nickle test, it still has a pretty good viberation to it. Anybody have any ideas ? Thanks for any help.

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    First guess: On the swivel wheel side of the saw, make certain you are sitting firmly on the feet, and not on the wheel. Resting weight on that wheel will make it vibrate like the dickens.



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      Nope... Checked that already and wheel spins.


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        Had the same thing on mine. Solved the problem by replacing the drive belt with a link belt. Runs smoother than ever now.


        Rodney J in TX


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          Also check the alignment of the pulleys. Their alignment may have changed over years of use. It could be movement of the pulleys on their shafts or the motor has moved. Re-align and tighten bolts and set screws.


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            I found an easy way to allign pulleys is to take a dowel (small enough so it can sit in the V groves of the pulleys) and lay it between the two pulleys. Then, take a small square, with one edge against the slot and the other lined up with the dowel---adjust until they are parallel.

            If this and a belt change solve your vibration problem, you would be wise to check the blade alignement, as I've found, long-term vibration can loosen things up.


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              I'd also check to see if you have sawdust or crud under the belt.


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                I just picked up a link belt today - and when I installed it it just wants to walk right off the pulleys as soon as they spin - by hand and by power. I tried the belt inside out, turned around, etc. every possible way. I checked pulley alignment as well.

                What am I doing wrong ?????


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                  pixeldzn, Did you get the right sized link belt? Link belt comes in various sizes, it must be sized to fit your pulleys. Although I do not have the Ridgid saw I do know that at some point they switched to a poly V-belt, these are supposed to run very smooth and last a good long time. If I had to guess I would say that the pulleys are not aligned or you purchased the wrong size link belt.
                  Nothing intended here but FYI you can not replace the V-belt with a link belt it's a totally different animal.

                  Maybe Jake will jump in here tomorrow with some better ideas.

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                    Mine did the start up squeak thing and vibrated a bit for a few runs, then I noticed the drive belt was off the spindle a tad...put it back on and it was good to go...check the alignment of the pulleys if you haven't already.
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                      You will not be able to use the link belt on the Poly-V pullies. Here's a couple things to try, if you know you will not be using the saw for a long while unhook the belt from the pulley so that there is no weight on it. It will help prevent the belt taking a set.

                      If you are in a colder area you will see a vibration when you first start the saw up. Let it run for 5 or so minutes straight with no load. This will heat the belt up some and make it more flexible.



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                        I returned the Link Belt and reinstalled my V-Belt. The reason I bought it is becuase of vibration yet again. I have adjusted the pulleys and I am confident they are aligned. I have leveled the saw and I have adjusted the motor mount rails to the manuals instructions as well as to various other positions.

                        The saw vibrates enough that if I put a piece of wood on one of the extensions it will eventually vibrate itself to the dge and fall. The saw otherwise works fine. As a side note - the saw was worse with the factory blade. I replaced it with a freud the second day I owned the saw.

                        If I stand behind the saw and apply pressure to the left side of the motor, I can greatly reduce the vibration - It looks as if the weight of the moter is causing it to skew to the right a bit and in turn affect the position and parallelness of the pulley.

                        Any suggestions on some adjustment I can make?

                        BTW - sorry if I hijacked the thread!!


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                          Then your motor is not level. adjust the motor bracket.
                          Andy B.


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                            I checked level on the motor - It actaully is level. Any other suggestions?