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Home Depot and R4511

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  • Home Depot and R4511

    I live by Huntington Beach, CA. Within 10 mile radius all 3 Home Depot stores don't display the R4511 table saw. In fact they don't display any stationary power tools. Back in May, I emailed Ridgid. They answered saying they were unaware of the problem, but that they will elavate it. As of today nothing has changed. Why do you guys think that Ridgid uses such a retailer?!

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    Re: Home Depot and R4511

    Because they still sell a heck of a lot of tools.

    One of the HDs near me has two of the new 15 guage cordless nailers in the overhead bin and none on display. I pointed this out to the tool area manager and he thanked me. Two weeks later, nothing has changed.

    As long as boneheads are in positions of authority I will continue to be frustrated and amused at random intervals.


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      Re: Home Depot and R4511

      Home Depot is my last choice for tools, lumber and anything related to mechanical/woodworking/home projects. These people are arrogant,unhelpful and the tool section is filthy and in disarray. Lumber is so bad I wouldn't take it to burn it, The majority of people employed there, including the store managers are there because they either need health insurance (read: early retirement) or were drummed out of their previous employment for incompetence.

      My choice is Menards or Lowes. Preferably a Menards, although Lowes is making serios inroads . They both have clean facilities, well organized and go out of their way to help you out.

      Just my opinion from many years of a construction/home improvement/hobby consumer.


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        Re: Home Depot and R4511

        I'm a pessimist, but give me a break. You must have the worst HDs in the world around you or something else is up.

        If I need help, I don't care for Lowe's or HD. But if I know exactly what I need and where it is, either will do. In spite of what commercials say......they aren't there to help people. They are there to sell product. If you need product, you can walk out pretty happy on most occasions.


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          Re: Home Depot and R4511

          I bought a 4511 a couple of weeks ago. While doing so, I asked the HD associate why there weren't any table saw displays set up. He told me that they don't set them up anymore for safety purposes. Supposedly, kids were banging their heads into the corners of the table tops. It would have been nice to 'see' the saw before I bought it.

          Over the years, I have always favored Lowe's over HD because of the many reasons already stated in this thread, but, fortunately, the HD in my area has improved (and recently moved into a brand new store) and now it's worthy of my patronage.

          Take care.


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            Re: Home Depot and R4511

            [QUOTE.......... Supposedly, kids were banging their heads into the corners of the table tops. It would have been nice to 'see' the saw before I bought it........

            That guy was feeding you a load of fertilizer. If that were truly the case then they wouldn't display outdoor grills, snow throwers, lawn mowers or anything else that had any kind of an edge at kid height.
            Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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              Re: Home Depot and R4511

              As some one who has worked for a big box store I can tell you that it is not (in most cases) the store's fault. The vendors are responsible for the displays, the store associates are only responsible for stocking any product or fliers and cleaning the displays. If a display is not set up, the vendor (in this case RIDGID) did not supply one.


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                Re: Home Depot and R4511

                The set up of tools is dictated by head office and the vendors. Once a year they will do a reset tools for display purposes. The tools must be displayed that way.
                It happens all the time at my local HD that I find stuff in the overhead bins that is not on display. If that tool is not a part of that store set then they cannot display it. Like a tool without a home...Sad but true....
                Safety seems to be a big issue at HD now. If you look at the mitre saw display there are no blades or plastic guards on the blades. So it does not surprise me that they do not have the stationary table saws out on display.
                Just my .02


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                  Re: Home Depot and R4511

                  There are several HD stores near me and some display larger power tools and some don't. When I bought my R4511, the store that had one on display, had none in stock. The store where I bought the saw had 2 in stock...but none on display. Go figure!