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  • Cumpressor Air Hose Storage

    OK Fellow Woodworkers, I need a little help. I Looking for someone who remembers an artical about making a storage tube for coiled air hose ( some times called recoil hose.) I think it was in Wood magazine a few years back. I cant remember much about the artical except that it used some PVC Pipe for the hose storage and it mounted on the wall. If any one knows about this and/or has made one could you please give me some info on it. I'll be greatful for all the help I can get. Thanks
    Regards Dan

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    Don't recall the PVC one, but recently saw one made using a plastic bucket. A hole was cut near the bottom of the bucket on the side and the end connecting to your compressor was fed out there. The rest of the hose was coiled up in the bucket and then fed through a hole cut in the center of the lid. you can then pull out the amount of hose you need and when done, push it back into the bucket.

    M. Wenman