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Speaking of miter saws...

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  • Speaking of miter saws...

    The 1290 made it into the Mesquite Store finally. The new price is $569...guess they'll start lowering the prices until all the current stock is gone.

    This is the biggest slider I've ever seen...sure glad I got the Makita...the Ridgid is the size of some compact cars. One distinct advantage is the size of the's bigger than any other saw on the market as far as I can tell.

    I couldn't play with it cause it was on a shelf that's too high and too shallow. I'll get a better look when it hits the White Rock store...they have new shelves that are the perfect height for checking out new tools.

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    Yeah, I would definitely not classify the ridgid as "portable." Maybe semi-portable since it should be more so than a full RAS. However, I did get a chance to play and it is nice!


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      It sure is a nice looking saw but I would have to classify it as a definate shop saw. This thing would be a royal PITA to haul from one jobsite to another. But then, whats a PITA to me may not be to someone else. Nice saw though.
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