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Sanding Inside Surfaces

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  • Sanding Inside Surfaces

    I need to sand the inside of a square tube. It has an inside opening of 1 3/4". I need to take off about 1/16" from 2 sides on the inside.

    I thought of using a 1" belt sander to fit inside the tube, but I can't find one that will fit inside a 1 3/4" tube. The tube I need to sand is 5" long.

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    I don't know of a power sander that would do this, but a 1/16" over a 5-inch long area isn't going to take a lot of "elbow grease" either"! You didn't mention what material this is, and I would presume that by "tube" that both ends are probably open. So, here is what I would do:

    Cut a block of wood for a sanding block. Make it about a foot long or so, and at a dimension that will fit nicely inside the "tube". I'd probably make it about an 1/8 or 1/4 inch less than the inside dimension. Use some double-face tape or other adhesive to fasten a sheet of sandpaper of whatever grit you require and then manually sand the inside. You could move the sanding block in and out of the tube, but probably sliding the tube back and forth over the sanding block would be more efficient as you could better control the pressure.

    Just a thought,



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      I know this doesn't help much, but I have seen an air-powered thin-belt sander that will fit into the opening you describe, but for the life of me I can't remember where I recently saw it. Might have been on Harbor Freight's web site. I seem to remember the belt was about an inch wide.

      Here's one from Craftsman for $149, more than you want to spend for a one-time I am sure, but the HF model was similar.


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        That Craftsman tool is pretty close to what I was looking for. Downside is cost and that I only have a 1.5 gallon air compressor, not too good for airtools [img]smile.gif[/img]

        I did look at Harbor Freight and I 2nd day ordered the angle grinder conversion kit. Pretty neat looking thing, I would imagine that it is hard on the grinder, so I also picked up a $10 angle grinder to dedicate to it instead of using my good one.

        I'm sanding down Alumninum, so it is hard going. I may try the hand aproach with the homade sanding bar, I do like that suggestion.



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          I have that tool from Harbor Freight. I have used it a couple of times so far and like it. I do have trouble keeping the belt on the adapter but seem to keep it on long enought to do the job.

          Good luck.



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            Hey MacGyver,
            Since you liked the Craftsman sander here is a link for Northern Tools version of it. I'm not sure if you were aware but there is a Northern Tool down around Hobby airport. Happy sanding.