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grizzly tools...are they really worth it?

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  • grizzly tools...are they really worth it?

    many people here have spoke highly of grizzly tools. i accept the fact that they are a quality product. and usually a great buy for the money because you are getting the best quality for the amount of money you will spend. my question is, are they worth it once shipping and handling is figured in? it seems to me that when you figure shipping and such in to the price of the are about equal, or maybe only a few bucks more or less than going to the local home improvement center and buying a delta, jet, ridgid, etc? when looked at it from that stand point..are they really worth it??


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    Probably tacky to talk about it here, but no one seems to be listening...

    See for yourself at Grizzly and click the More Info links on the Summer Specials.

    Smaller saw = $55 anywhere in the 48.
    Big Saws (talking 3HP cabinet, left tilt, triple V), $75 anywhere on a land mass near you.

    Worth it? Can't say, but the shipping's not much of a hit at those prices, and the feature set and reviews compare well. I wish I could ratchet myself up to the 1023 but I'm just too green and cheap. The 3612 was the stretch I was willing to make and now I'm cryin' (see my Warranty Whine ).

    If there was a 3612 closeout soon, I'd still do it... damned fine piece of machinery from what I can tell. Ever get that "gonna buy", see yourself stylin' in the new rig, get-the-shirt-logo braggin' rights kinda glow? Then get the rug pulled out?

    Bummed, I tell ya.


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      Grizzly tools are definitely worth it. Comparable Jet or Delta tools (quality and features) cost about 30% more even after you factor in freight charges. Also if you don't live in a state in which Grizzly has a showroom, you don't pay sales tax. this almost offsets the cost of shipping. That’s a no brainer to me.


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        As with any other tool, you have to look at all the facts. The table saws are well made, but their lathes are under powered. They only got beat out by Ridgid for the worst lathe on almost every test. By comparison, their band saws are top notch.

        Last week I was at Woodcraft and saw the new Jet 18" bandsaw. I was about to cry when I saw how sweet that machine was. Steel const, roller bearings all around, polished table (really big), mobile cabinet base, 1 1/2" blade cap... well, you get the picture. all for only $1,000

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          First----logic and experience simply says, no one mfg. produces the same quality in each tool. Griz' is no exception. I will say, I've heard nothing but raves about their 1023 cabinet saws.

          However, that being said, I'm a rather careful shopper and believe you should compare tools of equal features.

          The 1023 left tilt sells for $895. However, before you buy one instead of a Delta or Jet cabinet saw-----that base saw has one of the smallest fence and table surfaces. To get one with larger fence rails and tops will cost about $1,200, according to their latest catalog and you still need a mobile base, plus, the fence is a clone of a Biesemeyer and some of the clones aren't as well built.

          Then, you add the $75 shipping---but wait----depending on where you live, that cost is only for "tailgate" delivery---if you want it loaded off the truck or put in your garage, from what I've read, it will cost you another $50-75.

          So, if you add in a mobile base and shipping, your up to about $1,425. Now the Uni's sell for $1,750----with a real Unifence or Biesemeyer----Not saying there's anything wrong with the Griz'----only saying that when you compare feature for feature, it's not as big a bargin as you first think.


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            From what I've been told and read, Grizz does not produce anything, they are just importers.
            I have a Pit Bull 14" Band Saw from LA Tools. All of the replacement parts are the same as HF, Grizz and Delta. Who actually makes this saw is anyone's guess. I've ordered replacement parts from both Delta and HF. The Ridgid Riser Kit also fit's this saw.
            It's been a good saw regaurdless.
            Rob Johnson
            Orange, Ca.
            Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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              like in all woodworking tools there are only a few mfgr's. the people that make the tool make it to the quality specifications of the company putting their name on it. i figured that grizzly tools are the same as some other companies, just in a different color with a different name. my main concern is the drill press. that will be my next purchase and grizzly has some fine ones. just wondering if the shipping and waiting is worth it compared to the jet, powermatic, ridgid, delta, etc, which i can walk into a store, buy, and put in my pickup truck and bring home that day



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                In everything I have bought over the net or mailorder, it seems after shipping and handling, plus the wait, it would have been much better just to go out and pick it up.
                All my DC fittings were bought from Grizz over there web site. After a week and a half wait, I should have just gone to my local Rocklers and, for a couple more dollars, been done with it.
                Rob Johnson
                Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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                  Hello all, I just found this site so this is my first post.

                  My shop is a mixture of Delta, DeWalt, Jet and Ryobi and I am happy with all of them.
                  I have a Grizzly store a short distance away and have been in it several times but never purchased anything. A few months ago I won a Grizzly G5979 wood lathe on another woodworking forum. It's been about 50 years since I have done any turning so I am an old beginer. I am impressed with the Grizzly lathe. It's quiet, vibration free and the power seems ok to me.

                  As for delivery, it was listed as curb side. When the truck arrived I asked if he would back in and drop it on the carport. Instead he dropped it and took it to my shop door with a hand dolly.