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Incra add-ons to the 3650

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  • Incra add-ons to the 3650

    Has anyone added any of the Incra products to their 3650? Something like this is what I am thinking about. I want some feed back before I drop this kind of money. Thanks.

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    That is a very nice setup and I would love to have something like that, wouldn't we all? If I was going to have that elaborate of a deal I think that my first point of business would be to sell my contractor saw and get myself a new or used cabinet saw. That Incra unit has many of the bells and whistles along with the accuracy that any professional woodworker would be very satisfied with IMO.

    It's just my opinion, which is worth exactly what you paid for it, but to me that setup is overkill for a contractor saw. I say that because I equate a contractor saw with mobility and ease of storage. That system is made for a saw that stays in one place and if you have the room for that why not have a more powerful cabinet saw to go along with it?
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      Dave, you make a very good point and I was thinking about upgrading my saw at some point, but the 3650 is great for now and I was just wondering if anyone had done anything similar. I also wanted to add that I don't post much, but I enjoy reading the $0.02 that you bring to the board. It is usually right on.


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        I can’t speak for the 3650, but on the 2424 and 3612 the stock blade guard/splitter will not fit on the saw with the Incra setup, just something else to consider. Another consideration is the space requirement, if you move the fence 36” to the right, the Incra bar extends an additional 36” past the end of the saw. I sure would love to have one but if you add up the cost of the Incra and an overhead blade guard you could easily exceed the cost of a contractors saw. Like the others have stated, a cabinet saw appears to be a more worthy recipient of the Incra.