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  • christmas sales

    Do Home Depot and Ridgid have any big sales events going on for christmas? It would be nice if Ridgid had some kind of accessory giveaways if you bought their tools around the holidays.

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    You're right it would be a good idea but don't hold your breath, you'll turn purple and fall down. The HD's around here hardly ever put anything "On Sale", claim their everyday prices are the same as sale prices. Their recent 10% tool trade-in promotion was the closest thing to a Sale that I've seen in a long time.
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      The other thing is a 10% discount on your first purchase on the Depot credit card. That offer is going on now in our location. I plan to get their card the next time I buy a major tool, even though I don't want another credit card.


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        Ther is also one other way to get discounts. Many times each year, HD offers what they call a "friends and family" discount promotion. Each associate gets about a dozen 10% off certificates to pass out to deserving relatives, friends, customers or whomever they wish. Normally, they are only good for one weekend, so you'll have to get lucky. So far, I've been lucky enough to be able to buy all my tools except the TS @ 10% off.

        If I can remember, I'll post when the event is coming up so you can all go hit up HD people for coupons. (I believe the last one was just before Thanksgiving.)


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          Agree---HD is kind of stingy on sales/promotions. However, the last 6 months, things may be starting to change.

          As was mentioned, there was the 10% tool trade-in. We bought some special order hardwood flooring at 20% off, plus opened a HD account with zero percent interest until 2004---certainly a motivator for us.

          But, as was said---don't hold your breath---If they were going to have any other Christmas sales, they'd have done them by now---but in Jan.---who knows.


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            Am I the only one that is glad Home Depot hasn't given in to the "Everything is 50% off (because it's marked-up to begin with)" marketing approach that most stores use? I love that I always know how much something is going to be there. And to be honest, they are almost always the cheapest.

            Anyway, the 10% thing is a good deal. Also, you can many times make some sort of deal with the associates. For instance, when I bought my Ridgid Planer, I told the guy I was trying to decide between it and the Delta 2-speed. Because of that, he gave me an extra 10% "Customer Satisfaction" discount on top of the 10% credit card discount.