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Stuck Porter Cable biscuit joiner blade

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  • Stuck Porter Cable biscuit joiner blade

    I bought a porter cable biscuit joiner a couple months ago. This is the first time that I need to changed the blade to the 2" FF blade. For the life of me, I can't seem to get the 4" blade to loosen from the joiner. I am starting to bend the allen wrench before I decided to stop.

    Anyone else ran into this problem w/ their porter cable 557 buicuit joiner?

    Should I return this to amazon and get a new one?

    - J

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    I'd call a service center and ask them. It may be that you need to apply heat from a soldering iron the first time to break loose some locktite on the screw.


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      You turning it the right way? The allen wrench wants to go the direction the teeth point. Don't recall which that is on 557, it's been a long time since I changed blades.



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        From the P-C 557 book: "Continue to hold spindle lock button while using the 5/32" hex wrench (furnished with tool), to remove blade retaining bolt and flange, (by rotating counterclockwise)."

        The blade rotates counterclockwise when viewed from the bottom of the tool.


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          I remember having a terrible time with mine, also. But I figured, what have I got to lose - if it breaks, I will send it back the same as if I can't get it off. It finally let go. Believe me, it doesn't need to be that tight! The screw will tighten itself if it is too lose, so the biggest risk of leaving it too loose is that it will move and over-tighten itself (like most blades).