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Ridgid TS2400 My First Table Saw

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  • Ridgid TS2400 My First Table Saw

    Well this is my first table saw, I bought it at Home Depot (where I work partime). The reason I bought this model was that it was reconditioned and got it for 25% less. Of course now that I have it I want all the jigs for it, feather boards, tenoning jig, etc..I have made a push stick and am going to make the feather boards and will make others as needed. One thing I do have to buy is a Tenoning Jig. Does Ridgid make one?

    Can anyone tell me where to look for other stuff also!

    Thanks and any other advise will be appreciated.

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    Ridgid does not make a tenoning jig that I'm aware of. The King (or maybe Queen, I'm trying to be politically correct ) of tenon jigs is probably the Delta that sells for $100, give or take a few bucks.

    To use the Delta with your saw will require a slight modification of the miter slide to fit the slot on the Ridgid. You need to remove roughly .010 from the miter slide by filing and or sanding. Go slowly so you don't end up with a sloppy fit. This sounds a lot harder than it really is.

    If all this sounds like too much trouble, numerous articles have been written on how to make your own jig out of wood. Quite frankly, the Delta is really overkill unless you are going to do a whole lot of M & T (Mortise & Tenon) joinery. With a 2400 I think I would opt for making my own. The jig will weigh about as much as your saw .

    Just kidding, but it is one heavy dude! If you want to see one try Amazon.