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  • How do I do it ?

    I have a TS2424 along with the Ridgid Dust Collector. I am looking for a way to have both units come on with one switch. Sometime when I use the saw I forget to turn on the dust collector.

    Can someone point me in the right direction to where I can find or how to make a switch?


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    Hello Scott; You May find what your looking for at Sears. They sell a unit thats called the Autoswitch Item number on there websight is 0092403100 is sell for $19.99 and plugs in to a 110VAC outlet you plug your TS2424 in the the top outlet on the box and your dust collector in to one of the two lower outlets. When you start the saw the Dust collector will come on as well, when your shut the saw down the collector will run for about 5 sec. to clear any dust. As long as the line your have for your saw will handle the dust colector as well it should do the job. I use one with my shop Vac. (Redgid of course). I hope this is of some help. For me it works great. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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      Check out that Sears switch, it may be suited to your needs, but also look at what amp draw it is rated at. If you use it on a table saw, the saw will draw 13 amps under normal use, while the dust collector draws about 7 amps under normal use, this is about 20 amps. The switch may not be rated for that much power, plus since you have to have it plugged into one circut you will need to make sure you are plugged into a 20 amp circut.

      Though it isn't an auto-on feature, an alternative would be a product called Lone Ranger which is a remote control specificly made for dust collection systems. It should be available through any woodwrking supply catalog.


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        There's a number of ways to skin this cat, but one is to use an X-10-type remote switch control. Especially if your equipment requires two separate 15-amp circuits, have the electrician install the citcuits with local switches, then replace the switches with 15-amp "applicance"-type X-10 switches from SmartHome.come (the ones they recommend for flourescent lights). Then plug an RF X-10 receiver into any outlet in the house and get an RF remote sender that you can mount anywhere (no wiring required). When the remote sender is set to "on," both of the X-10 switches will come on, and vice versa. Best of all, you can expand such a system to your heart's delight to provide all sorts of home automation.


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          Thanks RGad, I may have to check that out myself, thats sounds like a neat little product.