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    Hello All...

    I bought a Ridgid 6" Jointer almost 2 years ago. Soon after, I began to travel for my job. I only recently got a chance to unbox and assemble it. The first thing I noticed is the outfeed table wasn't aligned with the knives. As I begen to do the alignment, I noticed at the front and back of the table, the knives are perfectly aligned. In the center of the table, the knives are about 10/1000s proud.

    As I looked at it more, I determined the outfeed table is actually cupped 10/1000s in the center (front to back). Is this too much? If so, should I call Ridgid, or go to Home Depot?

    I know Ridgid has changed their tools. If I exchange it, will I actually get a lesser tool?


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    If the outfeed table is cupped, that would be a defect in manufacturing and would fall under the Ridgid warranty. That being said, after two years I doubt there is anything HD can do for your but a service center should be able to get you a new table. Your Emerson made jointer has a lifetime warranty on it so there should be no problem getting it fixed under warranty.
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