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  • Old Ridgid Castors

    Could some tell me what they think about the older castors that came rigid saws before the newer heruclift system came out. I just purchased a net set for $10 and wonder just how good they are. I will be only moving my 2412 occasionly and can use the extra money to put a herculift system on my jointer. I believe that the herculift system is the best moblie system out there but purchasing two complete sets in on the expensive side. For those who use the older system, let me know what you think.

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    Reggie, I have the old system and have been using it for 3 or 4 years now. Fortunately I don't move my saw very much but when I do it's a pain in the *** bending and heaving at that little lever as I am 66. (I have often wondered if I did'nt instal it correctly) Personally I would spend the extra and get the Herculift and put it on the saw which is the heaviest. I am thinking of putting the Herculift on mine (and mebbe selling the old one for 10 bucks.. smile)

    Cheers Ivor in Calgary


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      Ivor, I don't think you misinstalled anything. You might try stepping on the handle instead of bending over.

      Reggie, I have never used a HercuLift, so I don't know how much better it is. A couple things to be aware of on the original:

      It will raise the height of your saw by around 2-3 inches.

      Your saw will always be on two of the wheels. This raises vibration a little.