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Just Bought the TS2424LS From HD...

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  • Just Bought the TS2424LS From HD...

    Hello All,
    I just bought the Ridgid TS2424LS from the new Home Depot in Lincoln, Ne. on their second day of business.
    I have been looking at table saws in every department store, Menards, Sears, Lowes, and Amazon... I had it narrowed down to a Black and Decker BT2500 from Menards when I decided to drive down to Lincoln and check out the new Home Depot. I was trying to buy a table saw that would just get me buy. I knew direct drive motors weren’t the way to go on the BD BT2500 and the warranty was not great but the saw looked pretty good for the most part. The price was pretty good. Well to make a long story short, I'm glad I made the trip to HD and got the TS2424LS. It has the motor / belt drive, cast-iron extensions, lift and wheels, dust collector, a great warranty and a few other nice items included. It was worth the money. Today I came down to my computer to register my new saw online, and found your forum. You guys are all awesome. I have never seen such great questions and answers in my whole Internet experience. I sure wouldn't have got this with any other table saw purchase... Any how I got my saw put together this morning and am going to read the book again and watch the video before sawing to be sure I understand every angle... I will look to this forum regularly. I am for the most part a Rotozipper of yard ornaments so this is all new to me... I’m sure I will have many questions down the road…
    Keep up the great advice...

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    Welcome to the forum! It's been my experience here that you will always get an answer from someone here. There are a lot of knowledgable people and all are willing to help. Dave


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      Welcome to the wonderful world of Ridgid Woodworking! I know you'll enjoy your purchase. Just let me add on a serious note...Work Safe! And in the words of a hero of mine..."and the most important rule is to always wear these; safety glasses". Welcome, glad to have you here!
      - Tim


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        Welcome and glad to have you. Let your questions begin.