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R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

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  • R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

    After much research and going back in forth between different table saws, I've decided to pull the trigger on a R4511. Now, I have to figure out if the box is going to fit in the back of my Mazda CX-9. I assume a HD employee will help me get it into back and then I can get my neighbor to help get it out back home. I don't want to have to make them make the trip to HD with me.

    Does anybody have the dimensions of the box? Is this a bad plan and you guys are going to tell me not to even think of trying to unload this thing with just 2 guys?

    Thanks in advance for all the help. I think this forum is going to be a wealth of knowledge for me. I've just started on my woodworking journey but the wife already has a list of things she wants made.

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    Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

    It's a small box, but only a tape measure (don't forget vertically too) can give the answer.

    TBH, it isn't the dimensions that would worry me so much as the weight, and specifically, whether the load floor (including seats down) will take 500lb in such a small package. A density issue, if you will.

    Can you not borrow or rent a truck, and take the risk out of it? HD would then be able to load you up with a forklift.


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      Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

      For the dimensions of the box, just call HD and have them measure one for you. I think that kind of stuff still falls under the Customer Service category.
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        Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

        Trying to move it with just two people would mean both would need to be more beefy than Hulk Hogan just to get it off the ground. I seriously would look into a pickup truck with some manor of a lift gate or many a service van. To load 450+ pounds into an SUV is going to cause a serious safety issue at best.


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          Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

          I just so happen to have one of these sitting in the back of my Aerostar. It's coming out today.

          38" x 30" x 29 1/2" (WxDxH)


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            Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

            I have a toyota highlander and it fit in the back of mine. Took 5 HD guys to load it, and 5 of us from my work to unload it.
            It should fit in your SUV, I had the guys at HD measure mine first, then load it.

            It is quite heavy and you are going to need help getting it out and in rough position. When you uncrate and assemble, having an old pallet with a piece of cardboard is quite handy to tip the saw on its back and add the Herc-u-lift.


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              Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

              a 4511 in the back of a saudi utility vehicle? any vehicle that requires 5 sets of hand to load and 5 sets of hands to unload a 4511 is the wrong vehicle for that project.
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                Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

                If you get a hacksaw and are careful you can cut the cage out while its in the vehicle then take out the "loose" parts first, leaving only the main portion of the saw. I was able to get the main portion out with me and a buddy. You could also take off the granite top while its still in the vehicle making the whole thing more manageable and less risk to hurting the granite.

                5 people probably pulled the whole thing out packaged and all. It can be done, but its definitely not the easiest/most efficient way.


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                  Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

                  Happy to report it is now in the basement. It barely fit in the back of the CX-9 and I had them put 2 pieces of heavy duty cardboard scraps below it and remove it from the pallet. This made it easy to slide out when I got home. They used the fork lift to load it into the back. The tailgate needed about 2 more inches to close but I just tied it down.

                  When I got home, the wife and I got it out of the back by using the steel cage to our advantage. She's no bodybuilder... 5'7" and not much over 115 soaking wet. We gently pulled it out and rolled it onto it's side right out the back onto about a 1 ft ledge. Then from the ledge, we gently rolled it on it's top to the ground. From there it was just a roll on to it's side. Then upright. Probably not the recommend or smart way but it's done now. Actually not too bad at all.

                  I probably would not have tried it with just my wife and I if I would have read everyone's feedback before we unloaded it. I called HD and they only had one left so I wanted to go pick it up. I figured if it didn't fit I could just pay to have them deliver. From the garage, I took it down in pieces to the basement. Taking the granite top off the saw was the only to make this possible. The rest of the night will be spent putting it together.

                  Looking back would I do it again the same way... probably. Was I lucky not to damage anything... maybe. I figured the steel cage would have prevented any serious damage. The 2 pieces of heavy duty cardboard and putting on the 1 ft high platform was the key. If that wasn't done, forget about it. 4 person job at least.

                  Thanks to everyone for their feedback. I promise next time I'll wait to read it before acting. I'm pretty excited. This is my first table saw and can't wait to get started.


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                    Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

                    To anyone else reading this, mine was delivered by HD in a small SUV (they sold the one I bought in the middle of the week and went to pick up on Sat, so they went and delivered one from another store). Anyway, we took a 2 x 12 and laid in on the bumper, then slide the box down the ramp and into the garage. Fairly easy to do. Just use something to protect your bumper.


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                      Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

                      My best suggestion, assuming you can get it in the back of your SUV to begin with, is back your car up to wherever you're going to build it, open up the back of the SUV and start building out of the box. That's what I did with my saw, there was no way to take it out of the back of the van, I just took pieces as I needed them and went from van to completed saw without the boxes hitting the ground in between.


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                        Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

                        My HD said no way for loading by hand... Forklift only... Go rent a trailer from Uhaul.

                        BTW, going from the SUV to where ever your building it... is not going to work. There is a steel cage that surrounds the saw and the two parts boxes are rather secure behind that bolted down frame.

                        It will also be a PITA to unload if it's a wire floor trailer.. The steel frame has four metal feet which hang on stuff well. Set some 2x6 under the feet when it's loaded to ease dragging.
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                          Re: R4511 - Fit in the back of SUV?

                          HD loaded my new R4511 into my Ford Explorer with forklift.

                          I got home and unloaded and assembled by myself. My size is 6'2", 250lbs.

                          Here is how I did it.

                          1. Removed plastic wrap while in back of SUV.
                          2. Carefully removed cardboard box while in SUV.
                          3. Cage now exposed. Unit too heavy to budge by myself.
                          4. Unbolted cage. Cage position such that it would not pull out.
                          5. Bent the soft steel bars so I could remove ALL parts EXCEPT the main unit (cabinet with trunion, motor, granite top attached).
                          6. With those parts removed, then I was able to get the top part of the cage clear so I could slide out the cabinet and sled (the cabinet is screwed to the sled).
                          7. I slid the sled/cabinet ONTO a 16inch high strong box... this way, there was very little drop from SUV to the box.
                          8. Using a hand truck (a must have), I brought the box/sled/cabinet into the garage.
                          9. Assemble the base (being careful to measure when tightening the base sides such that the cabinet will fit perfectly).
                          10. THE HARD PART... lift the cabinet off the sled and onto the base. Because the sled was sitting on the 16inch box, I only needed to move the full weight of cab/trunion/motor/top 2 feet or so to get it on the cabinet. I did have my GF watch just in case I needed medical attention

                          That's it.... the rest is trivial.