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A gross oversight in quality control.

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  • A gross oversight in quality control.

    Just thought I would share my experiance with setting up my R4511. First of all I was impressed with how it went together and turned into a very sturdy and smooth cutting surface. However from the beginning I found it impossible to square up. I followed the instructions to a tee and even bought a dial indicater to make sure I wasn't miss reading the ruller. after many attempts for over a week I decided to take the top off and check the trunnion. The whole time I the blade was almost an 1/8" out of true to the right as you look at the front of the saw. When I loosened the four bolts on the trunnion I was able to get almost a 1/16" play and was able to square it to the cabinet. I know not usaly nessacary but I was trying to eliminate every possible problem. Then I had a friend come over and he helped me lift the top back on. once we did that I alined the back right hole under the motor cover. Once I did that I eye balled it and tryed to line it up. When I put the dial indicator on to check it I was with in .005 of true. thats when I took my lucky stars and started to tighten down the remaining screws. Lo and behold when I got to the front left screw I found that it was out of alignment by almost a 1/4". When I try to insert this screw it takes the whole table top out of alignment. Now I have a table saw that has the top held on by three not four screws. I hope Ridgid can do something to fix this major error in quality control.

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    Re: A gross oversight in quality control.

    As big a hassle as it would be, I'd never accept what you have described, and I'd return it as it is. If you have one or know someone with a trailer just load it up and take it back for an exchange.
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      Re: A gross oversight in quality control.

      Yeah no way is that acceptable. New table top with the correctly drilled holes or replacement saw. Either way between Ridgid and HD you should get it corrected.

      I had one that was recalled, and HD was super about it. Brought me a new saw on their truck and took away the old one. Neither saw had any type of alignment issue as you have with a mis drilled hole in the top.

      It is a nice saw, and once you are past this issue you will be really happy with it. I am sorry you have to go through this issue, but it happens occasionally I am sure.