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Dado depth and how tight RESULTS

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  • Dado depth and how tight RESULTS

    OK - So I turned an $80 piece of plywood into firewood. Got over that. So I built an improved panel jig that works pretty good. Unfortunately I used my old version to cut my shelves, some came out a little over/under design spec. Cut all the pieces and dry fit. All looks good. Nice and square, nice fit, etc. Next day, go to glue up. Wood swells (kept in garage). Had to pound like the devil to make the joints. After glue up, whole thing goes out of square. (I am ready for suicide at this point except I have school age kids). After 24 hours, whole thing comes back into square. WHEW! This is better than dating!

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    Good going!

    Think I'll stick to the "cheap" $35 ply til I get this thing figured out.