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2424 Staying Aligned?

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  • 2424 Staying Aligned?

    Jake and All,

    There was a previous post about torque on trunnion bolts---fellow was having problems keeping the blade toe-in from happening.

    I have had the same problem in the past. Jake, you mentioned that if the problem continued to contact you. Just for our information, if this is occurring, are they any things we should look for?

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    Ditto to the above.

    Still haven't resorted to dropping the arbor assembly and sanitizing any buildup that may be present.

    Mebbe we oughta get all aligned and tack weld it.


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      The only thing I can tell you is that I would check the heel of the blade with the blade in a slightly lower position. I making a guess that the alignment problem you are seeing does not come from the trunnions creeping over a period of time, but from an alignment that is not quite right to begin with and only shows up in certain instances (ie, type of stock or blade at a certain height). This only a guess though. If the heel is indeed changing as the blade travels up and down, it could cause a problem similar to you description.