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Aux. Fence for 2424

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  • Aux. Fence for 2424

    Does anyone have an auxilary mounted to their Ridgid stock fence? If so can you tell me about mounting methods.... I know there are probably 1/2 dozen or so ways, I'm just wondering if anyone drilled through to bolt on sacrificial fence. I would like to, but don't have a DP, so acuracy will be minimized, somewhat.

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    When I need to, I usually just clamp a sacrificial fence to the aluminum extrusion.

    I think the "T" slot in the stock fence is 1/4" or so. Toilet bolts would work, I think. Locating the holes shouldn't be that difficult, but you want to countersink the business end.

    Just a thought.

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      The T-slots on top and sides of the fence accept the square-head bolts that come with the saw to mount any such device. I find that 1/4-20 hex head bolts work fine also, I would not try to put much torque on the nuts as they would be more prone to turning in the slot. I am pretty sure all would tell you not to drill in the fence as there are components running through it. Besides I would think that you can mount just about anything with the T-slots. You will need to counter-bore your aux and may have to experiment with various thicknesses or cut the bolts off some but it is a pretty straight-forward task. Good luck.


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        Thanks, AH


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          Can't remember where I seen it, but I will try and describe the best I can.
          To make the auxilary fence you need to hardwood straight grain and cut a piece the width of the top of the stock fence, and at least as long as the stock fence. You then make your sacrificial piece however high you want it. You also need another piece for the back side of your stock fence. In essence, a upside down U that fits over your stock fence. Demensions have to be accurate to keep it from "rocking" out of square with the table top. Counter sink screwing it together, don't use glue as you'll need to replace the sacraficial side occasionally. You then drill through the auxilary fence top piece and use T-bolts or square head bolts to mount it to the stock fence. Leave the ends open. If need be, you can end for end the auxilary fence for cuts requiring you to have the fence on the opposite side of the blade.
          What ever you do, DO NOT drill into the stock fence. As mentioned, there are components inside the extruded, and that's why there are T slots.

          I hope this helps!
          Good Luck.
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